Pukpuk – It’s BIG and it’s HERE!

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This from Mike Cassell:

Don’t you just love it when strange news comes from an unimpeachable source?  We received this pukpuk news today from Mike:

It went as follows:  0830 Tuesday I was delivering my boat to Rookes Marine.  Approaching the Navaids wharf I noticed a flat object moving against the current.  I moved closer and realised that it was the head of a crocodile.  He dived and resurfaced and I could then see the whole of his body through the water.  His head was elevated and the rest of his body was at 30° to the sea level.  After mooring my boat I Ken and I went to Fisheries and notified them and then on to the Masonic Lodge block to advise the people there of the danger.  The crocodile was plainly visible from the shore.  At this point he was lying on top of the water with all the top of his body to the tail clearly visible.  We left him in peace.  I tried to contact Radio Madang for a tok savi but they were uncontactable.

The Rumor Machine is churning out length speculations ranging from 8 feet to WOW!  Note that Mike prudently does not mention the length.

Crocodile 200

Googling “crocodile” and “Madang” we found an article about a guy called “Crocodile Mick” who wants to show you a crocodile in PNG and let you shoot it for only K670,000.  What a deal!  I’ll take two just as soon as I get rich.  You can read about it here.  LINK

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CWA Quiz Night – Strain Your Brain!

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This from:  Eunice Messersmith




Saturday 1 December
Arnold Jensen Hall, DWU
Doors open at 6:00 PM
Quiz commences at 7:00 PM SHARP!

K15 per head – by advanced sale only.
No ticket sales at the door.

Bring your own food – Buy your drinks at the bar starting at 6:00.

Maximum of 6 people to a team.

Door prizes and Raffles

Keep watching Madang – Ples Bilon Mi to find out where to purchase your tickets.

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1200th Hash Run AND Oktoberfest!

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This from:  Biggus (Shane McCarthy)

Madang Hash House Harriers

1200th RUN

Saturday 34th of Oktober (3rd November)
2 P.M. Start at the MADANG CLUB

Down Downs
Jungle Run
Down Downs
Oktoberfest Piss Up & Grub
Did We Mention Down Downs ???

Adult Drinkers – K50          Youngans & Non-Drinkers – K15
Kids Under 10 (Who are Non-Drinkers) – FREE

RSVP:  Biggus – Ph. 852 2499, Fax 852 2591,

Yes, our delightfully strange Hash-folk are doing it again!  Please note that only sub-10-year-olds who are non-drinkers will be admitted for free.

For information about Hash House Harriers, try these links:
The World Hash House Harriers (so it claims) site is here
A very interesting Wikipedia article on HHH is here
The Aussie Hash Page is here
The UK Hash Site is here
and (not for the faint of heart) the SoCal (Southern California) Hashers are here

UPDATE: I just found here the POM HHH page

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Print what I SAY! – Yes, YOU can do it too!

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This FROM:  MadDog

Check out the new “Print what I say!” link in the sidebar.  Clicking on it will display a short instruction page.  Read it, if you need the information, and then click on the link.  You’ll get a ‘new’ email form in which you can put whatever you would like to see on Madang – Ples Bilong Mi.

If you have something to say then  SAY IT HERE!

NEW! “Email this site to a friend” and OPINIONS!

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This FROM:  MadDog

Please have a look at the new “Email this site to a friend” link in the sidebar.  Clicking on it will display a short instruction page.  Read it, if you need the information, and then click on the link.  You’ll get a ‘new’ email form which you can address to as many people as you like.  If you think that it’s time Madang had an open forum for ideas and information on the Internet, then use this feature to tell as many people as you can.


YES, JUST WHAT YOU WANTED – OPINIONS!   We want to appeal to more people to contribute items to Madang – Ples Bilong Mi.  We’re starting a new Category called “Opinions.”  Everybody has opinions.  You have opinions.  I have opinions.

Just to get things started, I’ll give an opinion.

I don’t like this ‘rainy’ and ‘dry’ season idea.  I think it should rain a little bit each evening.  That way the grass wouldn’t get all brown sometimes and we wouldn’t have floods at other times.  The government should get on board with the idea of dependable weather.  There should be K100,000,000 set aside in next year’s budget to regulate our weather.  If there is not enough money, then we should ask very nicely all the people who have ‘borrowed’ money from public funds to please return it as soon as possible.  I’m sure we would then have plenty of money for weather regulation.

There.  That’s my opinion.  I hope you don’t think it’s funny, because I’m dead serious.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO COMMENT about my opinion, then please click on the ‘Comments’ link at the end of this article.

In fact, if people were sending us their opinions, we could get some lively discussions going.  That might be fun.

Melbourne Cup Day at CWA

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This FROM:  Lorraine Collins

Racing Horse

It’s time to dust your hats and ties off for

Melbourne Cup Day

Get dressed up and join with friends for lunch
and laughter.

Watch the race LIVE on TV!

Date:   Tuesday 6 November
Time:  12 noon
Where:  CWA
Price:  K40 which includes a two course meal


There will be prizes for best dressed man and woman and, of course, best hat!  In addition, there will be a raffle and door prize, plus, you may like to have a flutter on the horses!

Doesn’t that sound

like a good day out?

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CWA Goes Party Crazy

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This FROM: Lorraine Collins (Text by MadDog)

Aside from all the good work that they do, the ladies (and laddies) at CWA have been partying relentlessly. Recently a double dose of fun was administered to the community in the form of Scottish Night (some wanted to call it NOT Burns’ Night) and St. Patrick’s Night. Here are some pix from Lorraine:

Among the usual suspects, this mob of mongrels was snapped at the St. Patrick’s Night festivities.

St. Patrick’s Night at CWA

 No coverage of the event could be complete without a photo of Irish Dancing. Exactly what this photo has to do with Irish Dancing, I don’t know, but look at the clock – it’s not even ten yet! It seems to me to be only yet another mob scene depicting The Butterfly King (or is that The King of Butterflies? – I can never remember), the sadly departed Rob Small, surrounded by the usual flitting beauties (or is that flirting beauties). Ah, you’ve either got or you ain’t. Rob’s obviously got something.

St. Patrick’s Night at CWA - Rob Small and Butterflies

The infamous local character, MacTrevor MacHattersly got caught in drag at Scottish Night. One can only speculate why he’s smiling so broadly.

Scottish Night at CWA - Trevor Hattersley

Finally, we must pay tribute to one of the primary party-plotters. Looking like some wild heathen wandered down from the moors we have, the meri i gat namba herself, Lorraine Collins.

Scottish Night at CWA - Lorraine Collins

HELP! If anyone has a good photo of Laura Carse “Addressing the Haggis”, please send it to me so I can post it. I’ve seen it done a few times, but never better. It was a thing of beauty and a joy forever. – MadDog

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