The Red Ribbon Guy

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This from The National, Column 1:

“We remember Richard Jones, a young VSO from the UK, who was working in Madang last year.  Richard inspired hundreds of school children attending local schools to make thousands of red ribbons for World AIDS Day.  It was a touching and effective gesture and one that should be copied by every school in the country.”

Good on ya, Rich!

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Get your Quiz Night Tickets!

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This from the CWA Cottage:

The tickets for CWA Quiz Night 2007 are now available at Chemcare and the CWA Cottage.

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CWA Melbourne Cup Festivities 2007

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This from Jan Messersmith:

We’ll do without all the jibber-jabber and get right to the pictures.  (It was a fun afternoon and was certainly much better than working.)

Getting straight to the winners, we have your humble webmaster as best-dressed man (no, I did not steal those clothes).  Next we have Maureen Hill with the best colour-coordinated outfit.  Then comes Daphne Mari with the best Classic Melbourne Cup hat.  Finally we see Kath Créne with her Best Local Style hat.

The winners

Speaking of hats, Eunice Messersmith did not win a prize, but it was noted that she brought her entire garden on her head.

Eunice’s Garden

Karen Simmons, our visitor all the way from Jolly Old England, presents us with a stunning example of un chapeau le plus formidable. (Okay, my French stinks.  You should hear my German – Ich spreche Deutsches, als ob ich eine Gans war.)


Of course, we have to have the obligatory group photo:

Melbourne Cup Group

Finally, let’s pay tribute to the CWA staff, without whose cheerful help the party would have been scratched (and not because of equine flu).

CWA Staff

If you were wondering if anybody had a nice afternoon . . .  These two did!

Two Hats

CWA, thanks for a good time!

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Madang Hash House Harriers 1200th Run

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This from Bigus (Shane McCarthy):

Madang Hash House Harriers (Madang H3) had their 1200th run on Saturday 3rd November. Normally Madang H3 runs on Monday nights except for big “Jungle Runs” like this, when we run on weekends.

Twelve hundred runs represents twenty-four years of Hashing in Madang – not bad for a bunch of “Drinkers with a Running Problem”!

Twenty-four of us assembled at the Madang Club and were marshalled onto a truck being driven by “Nob.”  All the regulars were there, Biggus Dickus, Pocohontas & Family, Cum, Goanna & Family, Snob, Earful, Earless, Barbie and Questionmark. Bondage & I Cum Once came later. We were also joined by some “New Footprints”:  Ilene Dover, Joachum, and Henau & Kimberley.

We travelled to Gum Village, where the run was to start. Our “Hares”, Barbie & Biggus, gave us directions and off we went at lightening fast pace on “Flour” as our marker.

Our run took us along the Gum River, through villages (where the local kids joined us), then through thick jungle. After an hour we came to a clearing where a soccer field had been carved into the jungle. Thanks to our local guide Aki Melling.

We had a couple of well deserved “Cold Drinks” here, then climbed back on the truck to head back to the Madang Club for the “Circle.” The Circle is the place where we enjoy “Down Downs”, which are charges levelled at us for indiscretions on the run.

A geat day (and nght) was had by all – just ask the New Footprints how much fun Hash is!

Madang H3 meets every Monday at 5:30 P.M. If you enjoy a walk & a bit of social itertaction, please join us.

Enquiries to Biggus (Shane McCarthy) – 852 2499 or email:

Here’s a photo of some action along the run.

Action on the Run

This is the group at the finish along with the local people.

Madang Hash House Harriers at the end of the 1200th run

Here’s the circle of Hash-folk at the aftermath do at the Madang Club.

Madang Hash House Harriers at the Madang Club


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