Bizarre Pétanque Finish

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It’s a strange game; Pétanque. We play it after lunch at the beach. It makes me feel so … so … continental. We’ve had, on occasion, six nationalities between the two teams. When the social lubrication has reached its optimal level, out come the boules. We usually play rusty boules versus shiny. But, first comes the lunch. Here’s Mike and Pascal and Rich preparing the victuals.  Mike appears to be supervising. Rich needs a good feed.

Lunch at the beach

As a Yank, I’m allowed no closer than three meters to the barbie. On special occasions I’m allowed to help build the fire.

Hmmm, yes, we were talking about Pétanque. See, we don’t really do it properly. Actually we play Bush Pétanque (nothing to do with George). It’s much more interesting. I threw the jack right up against the back of the beach house and it got caught between some ancient roots. Anyway, after everyone had expended their boules, here’s how they ended up.

Petanque boules huddled together

Isn’t that fascinating? Aren’t you just so happy that you checked my blog today? Otherwise you would never have seen such an amazing sight. Now get back to work before your boss catches you.

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8 Responses to “Bizarre Pétanque Finish”

  1. Fedor Says:

    Gadverpielekes its brilliant to see some good ol’ Bush Patangue. And is that Cranket Island with a propper BBQ?
    Nothing has changed, Rich still in controle of the meat but lacking meat himself. Pascal in toight trunks showing the French cuisine.
    Ah, to be back.
    From not so beautiful Freetown (except for the stunning beaches)

  2. Jay Griffin Says:

    Hey Arnie,

    Just leaving some comment on your blog from the recent email you sent out. Your pictures are cool. Next, you’ll need to figure out how to do flash video like I have on my site 😉

  3. MadDog Says:

    Hey, Fedor! Long time no see. It was up at Blueblood.

    We all miss you.

    If Rich gets any skinnier, we’ll have to force-feed him.

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  7. sailaja Says:


    Your photography is excellent. I like all your pictures.
    Most beautiful photo is the green snake

  8. MadDog Says:

    Thank you, Sailaja.