What Does “ShareThis” Do?

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To make it easier to send to a friend something that you might find interesting on Madang – Ples Bilong Mi, I’ve added a ShareThis icon at the end of each aritcle.  It looks like this:

The ShareThis Icon picture

Click on it and a small box will pop up in which you will have the option of either sending the link to the aritcle to a friend whose email address you fill in on the SEND tab (along with a message you can compose) or you can submit the aritcle to a wide variety of social bookmarking sites. I’d say that most folks would use just the SEND option to quickly email the article to a friend. (You might have to select the “Email” item from the “Using:” pull-down list.) However, if you’re into the big-deal social bookmarking thingie, then the ShareThis button makes it very easy.

When you’ve finished, click the “Done” button or the “Close” button at the top of the small  pop-up and Bob’s your uncle.

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