On the Road – Honolulu – Beauty in Bronze

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I’m sitting here in front of the Apple Store in the Ala Moana shopping centre stealing their internet hot spot. We’ll be leaving Honolulu in a few hours on our way to the land of freezing Yanks.

I have been admiring these beautiful bronzes in front of the Hilton for years. I thought you might like to have a look if you haven’t been lucky so far.

Beautiful Bronze in front of the Hilton - Honolulu

There are three of them, but I think this angle is the most photogenic. I have lots of other interesting images to show you when we get some place where I can work without attracting the Rent-A-Cop guys who, I am sure, are going to hassle me at any moment for sitting here on the pavement barefoot with a computer looking like someone really scary.

A True Patriot is going to report me as a potential terrorist as soon as he or she can recover from the panic attack. If you get an urgent message from me begging for bail money, please show pity to a harmless (ok, more or less harmless) old man.

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    Another interesting bronze