On the Road – Las Vegas – Land of Fools

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I’m here in Las Vegas Airport early in the morning and I can see about a hundred slot machines from where I’m sitting. Here’s a photo:

Las Vegas Airport - The Slots

When I took the picture, there were only a couple of poor souls cheerfully handing their hard-earned cash over to the mob. Now, about a half hour later, the nauseous ‘music’ (different for each machine, of course) is deafening. I think I’ll move.

I suppose these early rising wealth seekers either haven’t boarded the shuttle to the casino yet, or they are waiting for a flight out and they have not yet managed to lose next month’s mortgage payment.

Next stop – The Windy City, Chicago.  See you there.

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One Response to “On the Road – Las Vegas – Land of Fools”

  1. Hans Messersmith Says:

    Las Vegas is the only place in the world where you can find the following sign:

    “The volcano erupts every half hour, except in inclement weather.”

    Any place that has a sign like that can’t be all bad.