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As part of my continuing effort to bring you important dining information should you ever find yourself stranded in the vast prairie wilderness of America, I’ll take you to a (to me) delightful establishment called Hooters. Yes, the name is an anatomical allusion, as you may have expected. Many consider Hooters a less than ideal concept. It does feature lovely, vivacious young ladies frolicking around in hot pants and tight tops. I’m sure that the occasional dirty old man lurks about (not ME, of course!). But he’s going to be wasting his time. Neither the company nor the young ladies tolerate any misdemeanors. Certainly they are cute and playful, but they are most definitely NOT flirtatious nor, in any way, accessible.

Here’s our waitress-of-the-day, Amy, with Eunie in the Hooters Boutique picking out t-shirts for a few of our friends in Madang:

Hooters Boutique - Indianapolis

Illustrating my point above concerning improper behaviour, when I asked Amy to turn around so I could get a ‘cute’ shot of her, she did so, but stuck out her tongue – a message to me that I was treading on thin ice. There are some husky looking guys with bulging biceps on the crew. I’m not sure what the full extent of their duties includes, but I’m not going to investigate the matter by misbehaving.

Hooters - Amy

Oh, I nearly forgot the fare. Well, first off, there’s cold beer in abundance. Imports are a little thin, but there’s always Heineken. Of the variety of goodies on the menu Eunie and I always get the Gourmet Hot Dog with cheese, relish, and chili sauce. It comes with curly fries, smokey baked beans, and a nice big Kosher dill pickle. To me, it’s the Prince of Hot Dogs. It tastes just as it should. There are many other selections on the menu. I’ve tried several and none disappointed.

Eunie and I dine at Hooters at least once a week. They are all over America except next to churches. You can’t sell booze within a certain distance of a church in America. Now just why is that so? Is it a matter of sensibility or temptation? One wonders . . .

I’ll leave you with a hula-hooping young lady:

 Hooters - Hula Hoop

Hopefully you can decipher the back of her shirt. In case you can’t, I’ll help. It reads, “Delightfully tacky, yet unrefined” – an appropriate redundancy for a very amusing establishment.

It wouldn’t be proper to let this go without mentioning that the objections to the atmosphere and working conditions bear scrutiny. Yes, it’s a fun place, but one has to ask if what is happening here is an implicit objectification of women. Many have made that argument. Please check the link above to a Wikipedia article about Hooters. It explains these arguments and counter-arguments.

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5 Responses to “On the Road – Indianapolis, Indiana – Hooters”

  1. Jay Griffin Says:

    You mean you’ve actually been to Hooters more than once? I actually have a hilarious story about the one time I’ve gone years ago, but I can’t say there is anything compelling about the place (food, atmosphere or otherwise) to warrant a return trip.

    As for my story… I’d remarked to a factory co-worker that I’d never been to Hooters, so he offered me a free visit. For those of you who don’t know, I’m severely hearing impaired, so noisy places are quite troublesome for communication.

    The place was remarkably noisy for how few people were there. When it is that bad, I tend to fake understanding what people say (at least more than usual). I try to speech-read as much as I can but at best, that can only help about 10-30% The hostess took us to our seat and then our waitress came up.

    Waitress: “Hi, Welcome to Hooters…may I * * * *?” (waiting expectantly holding her pen)

    Jay: (with a serious, contemplative expression) “uuummm, … Mr. Pibb.” (thinking she asked what I’d like for a beverage)

    Waitress: (weird quizzical look on her face, then shifted her eyes to Jay’s Co-Worker)

    Jay’s Co-Worker: “He didn’t understand you….his name is Jay.”

    Waitress: (writes Jay’s name on napkin and places it on the table then asks Jay’s Co-Worker) “And your name is?” (proceeds to write name on separate napkin and places it on table by co-worker).

    By then, I’d figured out I had been telling the waitress my name was Mr. Pibb, which was hilarious enough in its timing but still quite embarrassing. Thereafter at the factory, I became known as “Mr. Pibb” although co-workers tended to explain the understanding problems as due to anatomical visual distraction rather than noisy environment and hearing loss.

  2. MadDog Says:

    Thanks, Jay (ah . . Mr. Pibb), for this very funny story.

    Perhaps I should mention, since most of my readers are not Yanks, that Mr. Pibb is a fizzy cherry-cola drink that is reminicent of cough syrup. I like it, but it’s an aquired taste.

    I’m so glad that you’re reading Madang – Ples Bilong Mi. I’ve found that it’s an easy way to keep in touch with friends. If you enjoy it, please pass the URL along to your friends.

    Eunie is going out to Arizona to visit your mom next month. I also hear that your mom may be coming back to Madang for our 45th wedding anniversary.

  3. Hans Messersmith Says:

    The fact that my mother and father eat at Hooters once a week is perhaps the most disturbing and inexplicable thing I have ever learned about them. 🙂

  4. Ahna Says:

    LOL Hans. It did not shock me. I would have wondered what was wrong with you if you had not gone. I love the place personally. I and Tim love to go there with the girls. No I’m not a bad mother. They love the girls when they come in. I took my stepdad there for his birthday – LOL. it was a joke really and we had a blast. The girls had fun making him stand on a chair singing happy birthday. I truly think that was the best gift I gave him. Mom laughed her butt off watching him get so embarrassed with all the attention. I love the crab legs, clam chowder soup, the fries and chicken. Now Im hungry. I will take some pictures next time we go just for you. 🙂

  5. MadDog Says:

    Ajna, you are becomming my archivist. There are so many posts which I have completely forgotten. I had fun writing about Hooters. Eunie and I go to eat lunch at Hooters any place which has one. The food is good and reasonably priced and the service is always excellent. We always enjoy ourselves and I think it is good for the young women who work there to see that many of their customers are NOT there for titilation. My only complaint is that sometimes the music is too loud.