Railroad Graffiti – A Postmodern Art Form or Simple Vandalism?

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Sometimes it seems that I’m the last person on the planet to learn about something new. I’m not particularly dim or inattentive; I just don’t get around much.

An interesting new (to me) feature of Postmodern Culture is Railroad Graffiti.

As Eunie and I waited for a long train to pass, I snapped some shots of some of the better efforts:

Railroad Graffiti - Example 1

Railroad Graffiti - Example 2

Railroad Graffiti - Example 3

The aesthetic value of the vandalism varies wildly. I guess every artist must develop his talent. You often see Michelangelo and his apprentice on the same steely canvas.

Acts which are patently illegal while, nevertheless, utterly unstoppable have always interested me. (Not that I actually do any of them, of course!) Legislative bodies pen unenforceable laws as if they were vending peanuts. (Git yer’ marywanna law right here folks! Get it while it’s hot!)

Has anybody considered the possibility that so many laws ignored by so many people only fosters a populace that has been trained to pick and choose the ones they wish to obey and ignore the rest? Examples abound.

I suppose the opposite is anarchy. But, I ask you: really, has anybody given anarchy an honest chance? Possibly we’re selling it short.

Hmm . . .

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