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Today we’re going on another family outing. I’m killing time until we leave, so I’ll relate an amusing/disturbing incident that occurred when I arrived from Boise at Buffalo.

I came in on time at about 11:30 PM and, following the signs, walked to the “Baggage Claim & Ground Transportation” area. My idea was that I’d sit out in front and wait for Eunie to drive by looking for me. It was quite cold. After waiting about a half-hour, I got a bit concerned. I had both cell phones with me, since they didn’t work in Canada and we were trying to use up our minutes. Therefore, we had no way to call each other (dumb move on hindsight).

By 1:00 AM, I was cold, tired, and not a little worried. It’s not like Eunie to be late. I called my son, Hans, in Hamilton, waking him up. He said she’d left before nightfall so that she would not have to drive in the dark to Buffalo. Now I was seriously concerned. I felt ghostly fingers of panic creeping up the back of my neck. Hans said he’d make some calls. I called him back a half hour later. He had nothing to add – none of the cops on either side of the border had any reports of accidents along the route. Now the back of my skull felt like ice.

At about 2:00 Hans called me and said, “Dad, stay on the phone and walk up the stairs.” I did. There stood Eunie at a pay phone trying to call Hans. She’d been there since 10:00 PM waiting for me. She had walked straight out of the parking garage into the terminal where many people were walking out as the planes arrived. She knew I had no checked baggage, so she wasn’t thinking about the carousels. She reckoned that I’d head for the garage where she had parked the car. I was on the floor directly below her. We were never more than twenty meters apart.

She said that she didn’t know what to think, since my incoming flight had never been posted on the arrivals list. She had assumed that I’d been bumped or the flight had been canceled. The last flight from Chicago had arrived a little earlier and I wasn’t on it either. She’d talked to Hans a few minutes ago and was trying to call him back when I walked up the stairs. My poor son was just trying to figure out if we were at the same airport.

The assumptions we make are not always the same. It’s nobody’s fault.

Since I hate to make a post without a picture . . .

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Your LCD Screen

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