One of God’s Little Jokes

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Today, I’m going to publicly expose something that has heretofore been seen only by a few of my close friends.

Few have seen it because my fear is that some might laugh at it and heap scorn upon me. Scorn heaping is not an unfamiliar experience for me, but I try to avoid it when possible.

However, I feel courageous today. I’m going to show you just how capricious Mother Nature can be. I found this object on the beach at Kranket Island about twenty-some years ago.

What do you make of this:

 Parrot fish mandible?

Hmm . . . could be, what? I dunno. Looks vaguely familiar, but . . .

Okay, how about now:

 Starting to look toothy

Sorry for the poor photography – I was in a hurry this morning. Hmm, now it looks sort of toothy.

I’ll tell you what I think it is.

Members of the parrotfish family have bony beaks with which they chew up the coral to extract nutrients. I think a very small parrotfish died and left this behind for us to puzzle over.

It seems a plausible explanation.

But, wait. There is more – much more!

Have a look at the other side:

 Please tell me you see what I see

Please tell me you see what I see.

Hey, my life is bizarre enough already. I don’t have to make things up. I did not modify this object in any way. It is exactly as I found it on the beach.

If you are astounded, join the ranks of those to whom I have shown this. If you are suspicious, you’re still in good company. I’d guess that about half the people who’ve seen it went away with lingering doubts concerning my veracity. That’s understandable. I can hardly believe it myself.

I think it’s some kind of omen. But what? If this appeared in the sky, would we all fall down and scream, “Woe is me!” ? Surely, something so outrageously, ridiculously, stupendously out there in weirdland must have a meaning. Who left the message and what does it mean? Why did I find it at Kranket Island? Why me? I’m going crazy(er).

If you have an idea, please, please, leave a comment.

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4 Responses to “One of God’s Little Jokes”

  1. miri Says:

    i’m lost, the first looks like a mouth guard, confused about the rest, maybe i’m having a slow day- what do you see again?

  2. MadDog Says:

    It’s the bony part of a parrotfish that makes up the upper (or lower – I don’t know) part of the jaw. The parrotfish needs this to be very hard, because it eats coral. So, when the parrotfish dies, it leaves only these bony bits behind. The first two photos show this from the underside and the front (showing the ‘teeth’).

    To me, the amazing part is when you look at the other side. Do you see what looks like a cartoon character of a koala or panda or something like that? Most people can immediately see this ‘picture’ in a place where it doesn’t seem to belong.

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