Not Just Another Saturday

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Saturday was the same ol’ same ol’. Get up. Get the boat going. Pick up friends. Go to fabulous tropical island. Dive. Sit in the sun. Go home. Have a nap. Go out again on the boat with friends in the evening for a little wine and some of God’s best stage shows. Come home. Party with friends some more. Go to bed. How long can we stand this?

This Saturday there was something special at Pig Island. Rich folk! Filthy rich folk! Have a look at this:

 Superyacht Laurel at Pig Island

It’s 73 metres long and it cost a gozillion dollars. It’s Laurel. It was built in the USA. Notice the wavy line down the side in the rear half (click to enlarge). That’s the reflection of the shoreline of the island! Man, that’s a shiny boat.

There is a big door in the back. They open it up and out come huge Zodiacs and jet skis. The rich people come out, ride around a little, and then go back inside – presumably to get away from the heat and watch Sopranos reruns on their satellite TVs.

I can’t even imagine, in my most consciously expanded state, what it would be like to have so much money. It really hurts my brain. Little drops of perspiration bead up on my forehead. My hands feel clammy. All in all, I don’t think being so rich could possibly be good for you. I agree with the fox. Those grapes are far too sour to bother with.

Now if you wonder who those rich folk are (who don’t even wave back), here’s a hint. Laurel is registered in the Cayman Islands. All sorts of people hide their money there. Actually, that’s a cheap shot. They may be very upstanding (if snobbish) citizens. One shouldn’t be persecuted simply because of wealth. It probably isn’t even their fault that they are rich. Let’s leave them to suffer in their air conditioned splendour.

About 17:30 we loaded up with twelve people on Faded Glory and headed for Kranket Island beach to sip a little fruit of the vine, have a swim in the 27 degree water (80F for Americans), and watch yet another mind blowing sunset.

This fellow paddled by in his canoe while two Titans of the sky (cumulonimbus if you’re interested) battled it out for supremacy of ludicrous colour:

 Thunderstorms over the mainland

The canoeist continued while the sky turned riotous:

 Just another sunset

Later, the battle in the air was heating up. These were fully-developed thunderstorms. We could see orange lightning illuminating them up from inside as if they were colossal advertisements for majesty:

 Absurd clouds

And I sit back in my funky captain’s chair and let my eyes go a little out of focus and listen to the easy voices of my friends and feel blessed.

Money? Who needs it.

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