The Blessed Mid Week Break

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Getting a Wednesday afternoon off is a genuine treat. Friends visiting Madang made a good excuse this week.

We did a dive in Kranket Island lagoon.

Here is a rather ancient looking pufferfish. He looks about as wrinkled as I do:

An ancient looking pufferfish

This little fellow is a juvenile spotted cardinalfish. He is only about two centimetres long. This was a very lucky shot. These little jewels dart around in this tangled up coral, seldom holding still for more than a second. I just happened to snap at the right moment. I took about thirty shots trying to capture one:

A juvenille spotted cardinalfish

I’m slowly building up my ‘patterns of the sea’ collection. Click this one to see the intricate design enlarged. The overall feel of the thing is wavy – like the ocean itself. It is the inside surface of a cone-shaped coral:

A coral pattern

Here is another pattern. This one is the centre section of a solitary coral: 

The centre of a solitary coral

Here was the true gem of the day. This is Opal. I took this shot just as I was coming up. Later in the evening, we had a long conversation about the difference between banana leaves and palm leaves – complete with demonstrations. She is so bright and pleasant that it’s easy to forget that you are conversing with a child.

Cute as can be:


Now I am recharged and ready to face Thursday – the last day before Friday, which comes just before Saturday!


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