Not a Significant Thought In My Head

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Roaming around in my garden this morning, I was lured into my back yard by the warm sun oozing lazily around between the house and the big mango tree. I don’t go around back much – that’s haus meri territory. I’m not really allowed back there.

Here’s the mango tree that is responsible for waking me thousands of times during the night when a half-kilo mango falls from five metres onto our iron roof (THUMP!): 

The big mango tree out back

I turned around to walk back to the house and spied something that nearly made me jump out of my skin. I had no idea that there was a blue variety of hibiscus. The sun was lighting it from behind, so it looked like a bit of bright sky transplanted into my garden: 

A blue hibiscus (not)

Okay, okay, I’m lying. There may be blue hibiscus somewhere. I just don’t remember seeing any.

I was a little bored this morning and didn’t seem to have a significant thought in my head, so I did what relaxes me most. As the Mythbusters guy, Adam Savage, says, “I reject your reality and substitute my own.”

I decided to try to make a convincing Photoshop fake of this: 

The real hibiscus

As you may gather, that is the original hibiscus.

Were you convinced at all? Just a little?

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6 Responses to “Not a Significant Thought In My Head”

  1. eden Says:

    what color blue would say that is?
    excellent photos by the way My mom and i were completely convinced

  2. MadDog Says:

    Eden, I think that would be called cerulean blue. I’m glad that I fooled you. Thanks for reading.


  3. susana Says:

    Me interesaría saber el precio del hibiscus azul?

  4. MadDog Says:

    Lo sentimos, no hay hibisco azul.

  5. Crys Says:

    There are actually blue hibiscus–I bought my other half two different varieties for Christmas, and when they bloomed they were BEAUTIFUL. Great pics though!!

  6. MadDog Says:

    I did a Google image search, Crys, and found quite a few “blue” hibiscus, but nearly all of them stretched the definition of blue quite a bit. Thanks for your comment.