How a Little Flower Saved Me

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This little flower saved me from loosing my mind this morning.

The blessing of trying to write daily is that it keeps the ageing mind nimble – insofar as that’s possible. The level of discipline required sometimes escapes me, but I know that it’s good for me. It’s the same thing with lifting the weights in the morning. I sometimes don’t like doing it, but it only takes five minutes and it makes me feel stronger all day. Writing is weight lifting for my brain.

On days when the words just spew out in an uncontrollable torrent, it can be fun. However, when the big tap is turned off and the muse is peering over someone else’s shoulder, it’s not so pleasant.

Fortunately, I can usually fake it.

Today I am faking it on two levels. I can tell that nothing remotely clever is forthcoming from the verbal circuitry in my brain, so I’ll fake the writing. See – I’m not writing here – I’m just filling the space between the pictures.

Bear with me.

The second level of faking is much more fun. My contrariness compels me to re-colour objects. I once turned our RedRed Spitfire back to its original yellow hue. I made my hair green. All of Eunie’s teeth were burnished gold. I can’t stop doing it.

Here’s the little jewel in its original frock: 

The original

Okay, go for the easy ones first. How about red. This works okay: 

A red one

Not too fakey , eh?

How about orange:

An orange one

That works okay too, but it’s not as realistic as the red.

Blue? Okay, give it a try: 

A blue one

Well, we’re still in the believability realm, but we’re stretching a bit. It’s getting really difficult to get the bits of pollen on the petals to stay yellow. It could be fixed a pixel at a time, but that would take all day.

Go for green? Okay: 

A green one??

Whooo, that’s awful! Green flowers just don’t look real. Are there any green flowers? I can’t think now.

How about a mix? Turning most of it blue, and leaving some of the original colour seems as natural as any of the other fakes, but it has a little more zing:

Just right!

And that’s the story of how that little flower, my G9, and Photoshop saved my sanity this morning.

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