Office Addition Project – Third Report

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At the end of last week’s report, the workers had the first two rows of blocks laid.

Progress since has been steady, if not speedy.

Here’s what it looked like early in the week:

Walls going up

 As you may have gathered, Papua New Guinea has the sobriquet of “Paradise”.

We have Paradise everything. Here is a partial list from the telephone directory of companies that begin with “Paradise”:

Paradise Adventure Tours
Paradise Arts
Paradise Arts & Handicrafts
Paradise Bakery
Paradise Brewers
Paradise Drilling
Paradise Foods Limited
Paradise Import Export Ltd
Paradise Interiors
Paradise Investment
Paradise Minerals
Paradise New Wewak Hotel
Paradise Private Hospital
Paradise Real Estate
Paradise Spice & Vanilla Exports
Paradise Security Services Limited

That last one is quite amusing on a couple of levels, if you think about it.

And, when a guy gets tired, he just has to sit down:

A fellow needs to rest once in a while

Notice the name on the bag of cement? (click the photo to enlarge)

Now, at the end of the week, it’s really beginning to look like a building:

And up

They are almost up to the end of the block level. The upper floor will be frame construction.

Here’s a shot of Lori Witham, our Administrator of Publications standing in her new office with Lois Bayyom-Nai, our bookkeeper and general indispensable person for nearly twenty years.

Lori and Lois

If you need to catch up, you can find the first report here and the second one here.

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One Response to “Office Addition Project – Third Report”

  1. Eunice H Says:

    What catches my eye is the scaffolding. No OSHA here! (Maybe that’s part of what makes it Paradise!)