The Spider That Stayed All Night

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Yesterday evening as I talked with our security guard, Charlie, I noticed a tiny spider in the hibiscus bush next to our veranda steps. It had spun a nice little orb web and he was sitting in the middle looking like an X with a blob in the middle waiting for dinner to fly into his trap.

The light was too low for a non-flash shot, so I went back into the house to get an LED diving light to see if that would work. He didn’t like the light at all. He kept running away from the centre of his web to try to hide behind a leaf.

This is the best shot I managed:

Eight legged buddy lit with a dive torch 

The trick works, but the angle of the lighting is critical. The leaf of the hibiscus is overexposed so much that, even with Photoshop, I can’t get the whites unblocked – there’s just no information there to manage. I decided to try the trick again sometime.

In the morning, at about a quarter to six, I got up and noticed that we were going to have a good sunrise. The colours were cheery – just what’s needed at that normally gloomy hour. There was a fire in town somewhere and the smoke was drifting lazily in the still air across the view from right to left. It gave the town a hazy cast against the brightening sky:

A smoky sunrise from our veranda

I looked to see if my little eight-legged buddy was still patiently lurking. Sure enough, there he was in the same web waiting, now a bit impatiently I think, for breakfast.

I trudged back into the house for the dive light. As the sky lightened, I got a nice green out-of-focus background of the lawn against which to frame him.

Holding the light just so, I managed this shot:

The little spider the next morning

He’s only about the size of your little fingernail.

Little creatures fascinate me. Oh, I like the big ones also. Elephants are my favourite. The sight of a baby elephant playing gets me all mushy inside.

The little creatures, though . . . How do they do it? They are so tiny and seemingly helpless against the vast world around them. So many bullies about and, like praying mantises, females who would like to take your head off.

It makes me think of high-school.

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