Spoiled Fruit

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I hardly ever do two posts in one day, but I can’t wait to tell this story. Besides, by tomorrow, it may have been accidentally erased from my permanent storage.

Bear with me a minute. I’ll get to the punch line eventually. 

Even spoiled fruit can look interesting.

The sunrise looked very pleasant this morning. I thought that I’d do another sunrise panorama. Then I realized that I’d forgotten to bring my tripod home.

I loaded the frames up in Photoshop anyway, hoping to get something useable. This is what I got:

Next time I’ll remember to bring my tripod home

Remember, you can click any photo on this blog to see an enlarged version. It’s interesting, but not up to snuff. It makes me think of a mural on a wall that’s being repainted with white paint.

I remember a woman whose husband ran away with someone else and they got a divorce. Doesn’t sound funny, eh?

Well, it wasn’t in general, but she did have one amusing thing to say about the change in her life. Her husband was an avid amateur photographer. It was the old days when film was slow and you really needed a tripod for many shots. Her husband always found some excuse that she had to carry the tripod. Pretty lame.

Anyway, she said, “Now I don’t have to carry his damn tripod anymore!” She also mentioned that she’d seen him with his new girlfriend. Guess what. The new favoured one was carrying the jerk’s tripod.

I wonder how long that marriage will last.

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