Like a Bee to a Flower

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What’s a tiny mushroom got to do with bees and flowers? Absolutely nothing. There were a bunch of these popping up in our front yard after a heavy rain last night. They seem to favour spots that Sheba also favours when she feels the need to lighten her load. After the pile melts away the tiny mushrooms grow in rings around it. I can remember giant rings of mushrooms in the forest when I was a kid.

They’re called fairy rings:

Tiny mushroom

Here’s a nice little honey bee sitting on a leaf:

Bee on a leaf

I have a strange kind of low-growing hibiscus in the garden. I’m going to look it up sometime. I caught this tiny bee mining nectar and pollen way down inside:

Bee in hibiscus

This one is very interesting to me. I’ve seen many bees with their legs fat with pollen. This bee is different. It carries its load of pollen back to the hive on the underside of its abdomen:

Bee with pollen on his belly

That’s pretty much it for the bees today. What about more flowers?

Well, I have this interesting plant growing like a weed under my coconut trees. It’s some kind of mimosa (Mimosa pudica). People living in the tropics will probably already know it. If you brush against any part of the plant, the leaves fold up in a couple of seconds (nyctinastic movement).

Here is a photo of the flower and leaves:

Mimosa before tickling

Here is a photo taken a few seconds after I gave the plant a little jiggle:

Mimosa after tickling

You can see that the leaves have all folded up and now only the reddish-brown undersides are visible.

Isn’t that cool?

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2 Responses to “Like a Bee to a Flower”

  1. Jenny Says:

    Great picture of the Mimosa Pudica (TickleMe Plant) It’s called the tickleme plant because when you tickle the leaves they fold up and the branches even droop. You can now grow your own indoors. I found this cool website you would like with a video of the TickleMe Plant moving. They also offer the growing kits and a cute little greenhouse which includes seeds and little flower pots and even soil pellet!. I love the tickleme plant. The flowers are a bonus.

  2. Jenny Says:

    The website for above is