More Fun at Magic Passage

Posted in Under the Sea on October 11th, 2008 by MadDog
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Today we went to Magic Passage for our Saturday morning dive. There was a fairly strong incoming current and the water was very warm.

Here is Tracey, Albert, and Anna heading out to the mouth of the passage:

Tracey and friends

At about twenty metres, Albert was frantically pointing under a ledge. I had to stand on my head to get a shot. It’s two spot-fin lionfish lurking next to a bright orange sponge. I was, of course seeing all this upside-down. I inverted the photo so as not to give you vertigo:

Spotfin lionfish

When we returned to the boat, I found out that he was actually trying to show me a painted lobster. Oh well . . .

Back up on top of the reef I spotted this arc-eyed hawkfish. It’s one of less common hawkfish in these waters:

Arc-eyed hawkfish

After our dive we went over to Pig Island for some snorkelling and sun. There were thousands of small fish swimming all around. We threw some bits of bread in the water and they gathered around us. Karen was mesmerized by them. I like this shot of “aquarium swimming”:

Karen in the aqarium

Even after all the diving that I’ve done, I still enjoy snorkelling as well. You don’t have to be concerned about a lot of gear and it is wonderfully relaxing, especially when the water feels like a warm bath.

I may as well show you this morning’s sunrise while I’m at it:

Just another sunrise in Paradise

Just another day in Paradise.

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