Risky, Frisky Business

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Unbeknownst to you, I have departed on Miss Rankin as of yesterday for the final diving voyage of the venerable old lady. We plan to do some rare dives along the east coast.

We’ll be doing “Blackjack”, a B-17 bomber. It’s one of the world’s more famous dives. I’ve been itching to do it for years.

I hope to gather enough material for several Niugini Blue articles.

I have written posts in advance and have scheduled them for release, one per day, until my return on Thursday the 18th.

Whether all this is going to work remains to be seen. If you don’t see this, then you won’t know what’s happening and I’ll just have to pick up the pieces when I get back.

That’s the Risky part.

Here’s me on my friend’s big Honda Shadow named Frisky (check out the vanity plate!):

MadDog on Frisky

That’s the bike’s name, not hers. I ride bikes and horses whenever I go to Idaho. I put this shot in because it’s one of my favorite photos of myself, and I hate to do a post without reminding everyone of what I look like.

So, that’s the Frisky part.

Here’s hoping that you see this on the 13th.

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2 Responses to “Risky, Frisky Business”

  1. Kela bilong Madang Says:

    Eh, Dok Nogut,

    I stumbled on your site while browsing the Post Courier site this morning.

    What a sweet blessing to see pictures of beautiful Madang. Naturally, the photos of your drive to work brought back a flood of memories of the many, many times I have driven the airport road to and from the airport.

    I especially enjoyed “Lake Madang” and your observations thereof.

    Finally, I was very intrigued by your photos of BlackJack. Years ago we bought the video of BlackJack’s Last Mission and gave it to Marilyn’s Dad who was a WWII vet.

    This video came back to us after Dad’s death and Mom’s coming to live with us in Illinois in February 2005. This is the reason we are currently on a leave of absence with our mission.

    Our hearts often long to be back in PNG and serving our Lord there in Madang and points beyond. However we know that our current ministry of “caring for our own” is what our Lord has for us. Only He knows if we will ever be allowed to be resident missionaries in Madang again.

    The Lord willing and finances permitting I would love to return to Madang for 4-6 weeks this year in the September/October time frame. Time will tell…

    I believe you seem to have this attitude, but I want to say it anyway. Be thankful for every wonderful and not so wonderful day our Lord gives you to serve Him on the shores of beautiful “Lake Madang.” {:>)

    Until the next time,


  2. MadDog Says:

    I’m alway humbled when I get such comments. It gives me great pleasure to entertain so many people. I get an average of 2,000 different visitors each day. I know from comments that many are former residents or visitors of Madang. My dad also fought here in Milne Bay Province. I grew up hearing stories about New Guinea.

    Please look us up if you come to Madang.

    Not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for being put here. It’s home to us for the rest of our lives, mission work or not. The money is drying up, but we’re finding local work that makes up the difference. God does provide if you stick to the task and wait for his timing.