Amelia Earhart’s Plane Found in Papua New Guinea?

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On Wednesday the 7th The National had an interesting front-page article titled Earhart’s plane found at last? It’s gob smacking news! – if it’s true . . .

Here’s a scan of the front-page portion:

Article from The National for 7 January 2009

You can find the full text of the article here (link had died). There have been many articles in The National concerning the disappearance of Amelia Earhart. You can find a list of them here (link has died).

Among unsolved mysteries of the last 100 years or so, the disappearance of Amelia Earhart and her co-pilot must be near the top. It’s right up there with “Who killed JFK?” and “Why did Britney Spears shave her head?”

I Googled around for a bit this morning and found an interesting site that gives a pretty full history of the search. You can find it here. There is also a page which has links to several more articles here.

That should be enough to help you to avoid working for at least an hour.

What would it mean if they discover that the plane is hers? That’s a pretty good question. My first thought is: what are they going to do with it. I’m sure that that will be a subject of great debate. Who does it belong to? Somebody is certainly going to profit from it. Who will that be?

So many questions . . .

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8 Responses to “Amelia Earhart’s Plane Found in Papua New Guinea?”

  1. mary Says:

    wow thats interesting. the link didn’t work though.

  2. MadDog Says:

    Thanks. I’ve removed the two links that are dead. I appreciate it when that’s reported to me.


  3. tina Says:

    omg they found it finally!!! i just wish they can find her mabye she not so far away from the plane my mom thinks she in a differnt wolrd since she got lots near that trinagle area!!

  4. MadDog Says:

    Well, Tina, we don’t always believe everything that we read. There are still many other theories.

  5. someone Says:

    Interesting. I am working on a book report on Amelia(I am American), and this picture is perfect for part of it. But still, it’s cool.

  6. Tony Says:

    What is the true likelihood as this location being EH’ supposed plane? And why aren’t mobs of people combing the area in search of such treasure?

  7. MadDog Says:

    You got me, Tony.

  8. curiosity Says:

    Well, that’s baffling news. I agree with Tony though. Why aren’t more people interested in such deep news? This discovery could answer serious questions about the Bermuda triangle, its vagueness, along with Amelia’s personal family. They could get the chance to discover where there descendant fell to her death and possibly have a proper funeral service.