The Terrible Titan

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I have a few more shots to show from last Saturday’s dive.

On the way up to Barracuda Point  through Tab Anchorage,  the coast was looking mighty fine. You can see several ranges of mountains receding in the distance:

Looking West from Tab Anchorage

This shot of two bannerfish looks as it they’re doing the synchronized swimming thing. Have you ever watched synchronized swimming? I find it simultaneously stunningly boring and strangely mesmerising:

Synchronized Swimming

The feature of this post is this nasty character: 

The Titan Triggerfish - Balistoides viridescensIt’s a Titan Triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens).  I was able to get quite close to this football-sized specimen – an unusual opportunity, if you don’t wan’t to get bitten. Here he is swimming peacefully between two Six-Banded Angelfish:

Titan Triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens) swimming between two Six-Banded AngelfishWe’ve had so many scary, sometimes funny experiences with these brutes over the years. A woman I know has a large scar on her thigh from having a chunk removed by a Titan.

My first experience with one was potentially disastrous. I was on my second or third dive (uncertified, untrained, UNRECOMMENDED). A large Titan started chasing me. I panicked and went from about 25 metres to the surface in a few seconds. Fortunately, I was breathing all the time (more like panting!) so I didn’t blow a lung.

Here’s a shot from another day. You can see why we dread having a Titan nipping at us:

Titan Triggerfish (Balistoides viridescens) show us his formidible teethWhen someone asks me what it’s like to be attacked by a large triggerfish, I ask how they would react if a large house cat came at them with teeth gnashing and slashing.

It’s no fun.

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2 Responses to “The Terrible Titan”

  1. Tavurvur Says:

    What is the English name for the species similar to the Triggerfish but smaller and without the back “side” fins? Instead of the bottom “side” fin it has a little “spike”.

    Any ideas?

    As for the Bannerfish, well, that was the first ever fish I shot with a spear-gun. I was 7yrs old.

    I tend to stick a bit further out in the ocean nowadays. lol.


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