A Cuttlefish Introduces Something New

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I have so many fancy new features now that can’t make up my mind where to start.

First, we need to do a

I’m not happy with the service on the new host and neither is the fellow who is helping me with the technical aspects of all this nonsense. SO, we’re moving yet again. You shouldn’t even notice the move, but if I seem to have fallen off the edge of the world for a day or so, please be patient. As The Terminator said, “I’ll be back!” There will be no change of address, so you don’t need to do anything at all.

These cuttlefish photos are from years ago when I was using a tiny underwater housing holding a throw-away film camera. They’re not good photos, but the do illustrate the incredible changes that a cuttlefish can display within a matter of seconds:

You have a couple of different choices concerning how you can display the photos. Try them out. I haven’t even had time to try them myself, so we’ll be figuring it out together.

Hang in there – MORE TO COME!

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7 Responses to “A Cuttlefish Introduces Something New”

  1. Robert@PNG Says:

    Hey M,

    “if I seem to have fallen off the edge of the world for a day or so”

    Where have I heard (or read) that before?


  2. MadDog Says:

    I seem to be doing a lot of that lately. However, I’ve only “lost” two days of posting. I should be able to get them back.

    The guy I have working on all of our stuff liked Hostmonster better than Quadrahosting. So, since he’s doing all the work, I decided I’d save money in the long run to go with the host that he likes the best.

    It’s an adventure!

    By the way: New blog coming up. I’m setting up http://www.messersmith.name/news for my wife. It’s going to be fun to teach her how to blog.

    Also, I’m installing Windows 7 today on a machine in the office. I’ll do a post later today about it if it works.


  3. MadDog Says:

    All quite true.

    I have a 1973 Triumph Spitfire, so I know what you mean. I never travel without a full toolbox in the boot.


  4. Robert@PNG Says:


    The blog is looking great mate! I really like the theme you have picked.

    A couple of things (if I may):

    1) Research a hosting company before moving sites. Huge time saver! As you would be aware… Cheapest is not always best – especially in our game.

    2) Just be aware that if you have engaged someone to do a bunch of “scripting” (as you call it) – when the time comes to upgrade to a later version of WP – the chances are you will have to re-engage that same person to assist with the upgrade (more bucks which would be better spent on cuban cigars and trapist brewed beer)

    I have a saying… running a self hosted WordPress Blog is a bit like owning an older model british motorcycle – you have to be prepared to get under the hood!! If you don’t lime getting your hands dirty then stick with a japanese model (ie: Wordpess.com) !!

    Ah yes…. what would be really nice is a “Subscribe to comments” feature.


  5. Kevin Says:

    It sounds like you’re creating problems yourself by trying to solve this issue instead of looking at why their is a problem in the first place.

  6. MadDog Says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m not sure I understand the comment, but thanks for pointing out the problem with the post. I’m slowly going back through all of them to fix several problems having to do with switching hosts three times AND changing from a white background to a black background.

    I made a lot of poor choices along the way and it cost me a bundle of money to get myself bailed out. My only excuse is that I’m attempting to do something that is supposed to be ‘easy’ but that only holds as long as you don’t have problems. Another problem is that I may as well be living on the moon.

    By the way, the images that are supposed to be cuttlefish are instead photos of the car and house of the guy who I hired to move my blog. It looks as if he made a few errors also.


    PS Please feel free to reply if you care to enlighten me as to the meaning of your comment. I took an supplemental stupid pill this morning.

  7. Jerrica Burchett Says:

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