The Brassy Sea

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On the way to work this morning the sky was doing weird things. As I turned onto Coronation Drive, Eunie and I stopped for a minute to admire the bright glow of the morning sun on the sea. There’s an old hymn that says something about gathering around the “glassy sea” (Holy, Holy, Holy – that’s a lot of Holies).

Brassy Sea

I was Googling “glassy sea” and came across this amazing photo by Luca Picciau. Give it a click.  My mind started playing tricks with the phrase as I watched the water and it came to me – The Brassy Sea – probably not very original, but appropriate for this image.

When I got to the office, Lori Witham, our Administrator of Publishing Technology, noticed that I was working on the image above. She said, in her funny little voice, “I took a picture of the sky this morning!” So, I said, “Give it to me and I’ll throw it into my blog.”

And here it is:

Lori Witham's sky photo

It’s been strange today.

Even stranger than usual.

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