Crane Strains for Plane

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Going through my ancient videos that I’ve transferred to digital media, I came across this amusing, but not very action-filled segment of a big crane straining to lift an Air Niugini F-28 from the water in front of our house:
The indicent happened in 1995. There was a huge thunderstorm that dumped an enormous amount of water on the runway. The plane came in long (too far down the runway) and hydroplaned off the end.

It ended up with one wing in the water. People got out the door, walked up the wing to safety, and (presumably) got down on their knees and kissed the tarmac.

The sound of the crash woke us up, but we thought it was just one of the huge long peals of thunder that we hear all the time.

As you can see, they have painted out the logo and company name with white paint. Here’s a spoofed shot of the plane taken before it was defaced.

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One Response to “Crane Strains for Plane”

  1. Tavurvur Says:


    I can’t contain my laughter right now!!! How many airlines in PNG operated F28???

    I can’t believe they actually painted over their logo. You must be one of only a few people who have this incident on video…lol. One for the history books!

    (And thanks for your post about my post – much appreciated 🙂 )

    Tavurvur (One who is THAT)