Cranking up Microsoft’s Photosynth Again

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When I had Madang – Ples Bilong Mi moved to a new server a lot of things stopped working. One thing that I wanted to do again is Microsoft Photosynth scenes. If you missed my post on the subject and want to see what the fuss is about, click here.

Here is the original Photosynth scene of my office (messy, but convenient – I didn’t have to leave my chair):

The controls are easy to figure out. The only thing that’s not obvious is that you can press the “p” key on your keyboard and see the mathematical points that have been calculated to blend the images. Press “p” again to go back to the scene.

I have a lot of ideas for Photosynthy stuff. How about:

  • A Walk Through a Rain Forest
  • A Visit to a Papua New Guinea Village
  • A Stroll Through a Village House.
  • A “Virtual SCUBA Dive”
  • The cool thing is that it’s like a movie, but YOU get to decide where the camera is pointing and where the camera goes. You can navigate to any place where a picture was blended in and you can zoom in or out, turn around, walk the other way, go through doors (even closed doors!), or look right down at the cameraman’s feet (if he shot them).

    Oh yeah, I’m going to be fooling around with this!

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