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I never had the habit of putting things off. However, for my last few magazine article deadlines I have found myself frantically editing text and massaging photos up to the last minute. My article on Black Jack, the B-17 Bomber near Boga Boga in Milne Bay Province was due this afternoon. It’s a little after 14:00 now, and I just took the DVD over to the publisher’s office.

I’ve got to stop doing that.

Anyway, I though you might enjoy seeing the remaining photos that I submitted:

I’ve written about Black Jack before here and here.  I just noticed that I’ve repeated a couple of the images. Oh well . . .

I had a meeting with Mr. Tamlong Tabb of the Tab Island Marine Wildlife Management Area. He’s a nice fellow. We were able to work out arrangements for us to continue diving in the area. I only recently discovered that the person who has been collecting money for nearly fifteen years (K200 per year) for the use of the area is a fraud.

Fortunately, Mr. Tabb is a very reasonable guy and has allowed me to pick up the payment at the same rate. I had to pay twice for this year, since the con man was here only a few weeks ago to get his payoff.

It is good to meet with a local landowner who has the grace and understanding to treat casual, non-commercial users as a class different from business owners.

All of you Madang divers out there, take note. We can deal with this man. He has his head screwed on straight!

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