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I’ve shown you several examples of the differences between juvenile forms and adult forms. I can hear you yawning already.

But, look at these beauties:

Silver Sweetlips sub-adult Diagramma pictum

They are Silver Sweetlips (Diagramma pictum).  I think that they are one of the prettier fish that it is easy to get a camera on. In fact, they are so tame that one wonders how they survive. It’s quite easy to sneak up behind and grab a tail. Oh, I should mention – these are sub-adults (the technical term for teenagers).

Now, have a look at this big homely thing:

Silver Sweetlips adult (Diagramma pictum)

That’s what a Silver Sweetlips looks like when it’s all grown up. Not a pretty fish.

Okay, enough of that. I’ve also bored you senseless about the differences between images taken by available light and those captured by flash. Let me warn you that there is more of that to come. In fact, another dose is coming your way right now.

Here is a nudibranch (Phyllidia coelestis)  captured on my Canon G9 with the flash turned on:

Nudibranch (Phyllidia coelestis) taken with flash

Here is the same nudibranch flashless (ambient or available light):

Nudibranch (Phyllidia coelestis) by available light

In this particular case, the differences are more subtle. However, even in this less dramatic example, it’s my opinion that the colours in the available light shot are much more as I saw them on the dive.

If nudibranchs light your fire, I’ve written about them before here, here, here, and here.

Okay, enough of the technical stuff.

Here’s something that might amuse you. The big critter (half a metre long) on the left is a Sea Cucumber, sometimes called bêche-de-mer.  In this case, it’s a Thelenota anax:

Sea Cucumber (Thelenota anax) with pooWhat’s interesting is the pile of stuff near the bottom. Hmmmmm . . . what could it be? Did I hear someone say, “Poo”? The answer is yes, it is a pile of Sea Cucumber poo. I bet you will go for at least the rest of the day without seeing another pile of Sea Cucumber poo.

Oh, yes – about the hat. To save me a lot of breath explaining to my neighbors – no, I am not the CÏA Station Chief. Of course, that is exactly what I would say if I were, so you’ll never know:

What a laugh! - Or IS IT? - You'll never know.

A friend who is an automobile racing official gave the hat to me. In fact, he is a Senior Official. One should treasure gifts from friends, but the phrase “SENIOR OFFICIAL” seemed a bit stuffy to me, so I removed some of the embroidered letters. My craving to play the fool is insatiable.

Originally, I removed the letters so that it read “SENIOR OF CIAL” – somewhat cryptic, but amusing. My friend, Amana Watson, asked me why not remove the final “L”. I was stunned at my ability to overlook the obvious. Thanks, Amanda.

If you’re still suspicious, ask yourself: “What kind of secrets would I ferret out in Madang that would be of interest to the CIA?”

What a laugh!

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Sketchory – Sketches for Free

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I couldn’t draw a dog if my life depended on it – at least if the viewer had to recognize it as a dog. I’m sketch-impaired or sketch-challenged or whatever the politically correct terminology is.

If you’re like me, then check out Sketchory here.

Mad Cow from Sketchory.com

There are 250,000 sketches there in many styles. You can help with the tagging to find even more.

That’s it. Sometimes I just inform. Whether you asked or not.

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