A Trip to the Supermarket

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I got crazy-bored this morning and couldn’t think of a thing to write about.

Wait . . . I have a camera and a computer. Words are hard – pictures are easy.

I walked to the corner and shot down the street to the Supermarket:

I took a four-frame montage and let it cook in Photoshop for a while. It makes the equivalent of about a 48 megapixel image. Then I squashed it down to a low-resolution JPEG file and zapped it up to Microsoft to let Photozoom massage it nicely.

Result – If you zoom in you can see a lady and a man about two blocks away eating an ice-cream cone, read the phone numbers on the side of the supermarket, and copy down the license plate number on the pickup truck driving down the street.

Okay, that took about half an hour. Now what am I going to do?

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