Are Aliens Controlling our Behaviour?

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I’ve subscribed to two magazines since before I entered puberty. One is Scientific American.   I’ve learned a lot from reading roughly 600 issues over the years. The other magazine that I’ve read all these years is Analog Science Fiction & Fact.   The material is not so difficult. Many famous Science Fiction authors have gotten their start in the pages of Analog:

Analog Science Fiction & Fact
Yesterday evening I was reading an article about a Mars colony where the cats were infested with Taxoplasma gondii.   Taxo-what?   Me too. I had only a dim recollection that it was something that cats carry and humans can get it and it’s not only not very good for you; it has some extremely odd side affects.

T. gondii   is a very peculiar parasite. Cats carry it with little effect. A really good parasite soon learns not to harm its host. Here’s how it works:  (From NPR All Things Considered,   14 April 2007)

When you see a cat pounce on a rat, it seems like a classic story about a predator and prey.

But scientists have recently discovered that sometimes the main actor is actually a tiny parasite in the rat’s brain that makes the normally fearful rat think “oh how nice” when it smells a cat.

The parasite wants the rat to be caught by the cat because it needs to be in the cat’s stomach to reproduce. New research sheds light on how this surprising little organism can manipulate a rodent to do its will.

Well, that is a little simplistic, but nicely put. So, the cat infects the rat (apparently rats find cat turds quite tasty) and T. gondii   begins to rewire the rat’s brain so that it likes the smell of cat pee. Now the rats hang around where the cats like to take a whiz and the cats quickly catch onto this and the rats are soon in the cats’ tummies making more T. gondii.   If that doesn’t show how cool nature is, then I just don’t know what might impress you.

That’s all well and good, but what does it have to do with humans?

Hah!  Humans can get infectd by T. gondii   also. That’s where it gets really interesting.

In humans T. gondii   can cause birth defects, predispose one to mental problems, cause more boys than girls to be born . . . the list goes on. I won’t go into all that. You can read more here and here.

The interesting idea to toy around with is:  Could this be a plan hatched by Aliens to take over the world? Scoff if you like, but this image might just get you to thinking:

Felis domesticus - Alien agents?
How easy would it be for a technologically advanced society to develop a parasite that could infect humans (half the population of earth already, by some reports) and begin to subtly change behaviour? Later, the parasite, if well designed, would follow its programmed evolutionary path and begin modifying humans in more drastic ways. Like similar organisms (malaria being one) it could constantly modify itslef to defend against a cure.

It would be as easy as playing with kittens. And probably as much fun.

I’m not suggesting that this is the case. I’m just saying that it would be the easiest way that I can think of to take over the world.

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10 Responses to “Are Aliens Controlling our Behaviour?”

  1. David Radunz Says:

    I actually have been thinking something along those lines for a while now. Not necessarily alien control, but rather the parasite is being used as an ally by the controlling force of earth. I had become really sensitive to electromagnetic fields, some would call it enhanced empathy – but since your scientific I will say that I can feel EM fields with my body, like a fridge for example. Anyway, what I noticed was that there was like a tentacle type thing that penetrated my back and would only do so when I let down my guard. I soon discovered it was related to the cat, or cats in general. Some people also project these things subconsciously (likely cat owners). I really have no idea what it all means but it is related to Toxoplasma gondii as the area the tenticle bothered me is an area that looks like typical toxoplasmosis. i.e. the area is pink and inflamed. I was able to treat it and rid myself of its influence and since that time my depression has all but disappeared (even though life has gotten worse, my coping skills are better). The thing I have found that works best against them so far is neem leaf capsules and colloidal silver – both work well against protozoals. The best thing people can do is learn to master their subconcious minds in order to know what THEY (i.e. the person in question) really think and what is a) irrelevant conditioning, or worse b) external influence. When a and b are corrected the majority of lifes issues go away and one can start to feel whole again. How many people do you know who are depressed and ’empty’ on the inside? The emptiness is actually created by being missaligned with earths electromagnetic field and can be corrected as part of the process of mastery of the subconscious. Commonly known as ‘remembering’ (but thats spiritual mumbo jumbo). The parasite seems seeks to cause chaos in the life of the human host in order to try and kill them – best be rid of it. Believe it or not, it seems to use its EM link up with other hosts to turn the whole world against you if you know too much. Wierd, but true – at least for me. The number of times my life has nearly come to an end recently is rather staggering. I know you might think a lot of this is just from a crack pot so I will finish by saying this. I am a 27 year old senior computer programmer who is only reporting on observations of my own life and those around me. I spend a lot of my time researching and forming my own opinions – I have and always will be out spoken because far to many people are silent and submissive.

    Just thought I would add my two cents.


  2. MadDog Says:

    David, I would never throw stones at you for being a crack pot. I live in a glass house.

    Though my post was intended to be funny, in a serious sort of way, one can usually find some grain of truth almost anywhere.

    I think I’ll stick with the alien hypothesis, because I don’t think that there is anybody actually in control of earth at the present time. It there is, then they are clearly not up to the task. Besides, I don’t see any hint of the technology required. It would be impossible to keep it a secret for long.

    My son is an Epidemiologist. He has told me some very strange stories. He was an investigator for the State of Indiana of the “Kokomo Hum” ( Nothing surprises me.

    I ‘cured’ my years of depression with some therapy, a few years of St. John’s Wort (an obvious but effective placebo) and grim determination.

    Are you crazy? Probably as crazy as I am. Use it, man! Read what it says under my picture on Madang – Ples Bilong Mi. Crazy, educated, curious, and articulate. You’ve got a winning combination.


  3. Hans M Says:

    MadDog, the book Queen City Jazz by Kathleen Goonan addresses almost exactly this scenario, except it is ennacted by humans, not aliens. A bit of a slow read, but interesting.

    On a practical note, a suite of viruses would be a more likely candidate than a larger parasite for this kind of modification on the part of aliens (or our shadowy human overlords, see, as viruses can much more easily pass through the blood brain barrier, and a reverse transcriptase virus can modify the host’s genome. Given enough time, our species could be modified over several generations into docile slaves for our alien (or immune human!) puppet-masters…or maybe we are already?

  4. Hans M Says:

    Ah, and another reason viruses might be a simpler method; their genomes can be much shorter, and thus probably more straightforward to design. The genome of a retrovirus is about 7-10 Kb (b = bases), while that of Toxoplasma gondii is about 80 Mb. Of course, if the aliens have figured out how to travel interstellar distances to reach us, it might be likely that a few orders of magnitude in genome complexity is a pretty trivial thing to them. Our shadowy human puppetmasters, however, might be working on a budget; there is only so much secret research money you can syphon out of the national budget as “volcano monitoring” before people take notice.

    “Volcano monitoring”…yeah, right. Pull the other one, it’s got bells on.

  5. MadDog Says:

    Hi Son,

    Nice to see that you’re still reading your old man’s ravings. And, I’m so proud that you’re a The Onion reader. I must have raised you right – what little raising I did. I had a look at the Diebold debacle video. What a shock! Who can you trust?

    I checked a review of the book. “The technologically superior but dangerously insane “enlivened” city of Cincinnati”, INDEED! That’s funny all by itself. I’d like to read it if you have a copy.

    I like your virus theory. I’ll be in Canada again in 2012. Think we could cook something up in your secret lab? I’ve never been a very good puppet; my strings keep getting twisted. But, I’d like to have a go at being a master. I would be so benign.


  6. MadDog Says:

    Yeah, there are a lot of variables there to consider – level of technology, most efficient vector, resource (money) availability, etc. I still go for the alien theory. For the humans controlling humans situation there’s never been any serious competition for the present ‘best solution’ – keep ’em stupid! Well, you can’t easily make people stupid. But you can do the next best thing. You can keep them uneducated and malinformed.

    The virus retrovirus thing, though – could you pack enough information and processing power into it to make it ‘smart’ enough? This thing is going to have a lot to think about if it’s going to take less than a million years to do its job. On the other hand, what’s a million years more or less if you’re taking over the galaxy.


  7. Hans M Says:

    Just in case any members of the CSIS or the RCMP are monitoring this conversation, for the record, my dad is JOKING about secret labs. I do not have a secret lab, really, and my interest in world domination is minimal. I’m a nice guy, love Canada, and would like to stay.

    As to viruses, you wouldn’t have to pack the information into only one virus. The first viruses might do nothing more than modify our immune systems so that we are unable to fight off future viruses. Maybe the viruses are tailored so that they only infect the germ cells (sperm and ova) so that;
    a) there are few, if any, systemic symptoms to warrant a major public health response
    b) the diseases are sexually transmitted, a demonstratively successfully pathway of infection around the world
    c) ALL FUTURE humans have the changes, without infection.

    Release a set of viruses, each one making relatively minor changes in and of themselves, and wait 20-40 years for a generation of willing slaves to fill the earth.

  8. MadDog Says:

    Whoops – Sorry, son, I forgot about the spooks. The only spooks we have around here are masalai.

    I’m sure about only one thing. As soon as the technology is ripe, somebody will pick that apple.

    Give me a couple of days to think of something wittier.


  9. Arthone Says:

    This is right here, in the present, not the future.

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