The Blueblood Mob Bids Farewell To Tracey

Posted in Madang Happenings on March 16th, 2009 by MadDog
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A small mob of dedicated enthusiasts showed up at Blueblood on Sunday to bid farewell to Tracey Lee. Though she is notoriously camera-shy, I managed to get this “Fine Wine” shot of her:

Tracey Lee
The label reads “Winery of the Year.”  Here is Tracey Lee and Carol Dover at Planet Rock:
Tracey Lee and Carol Dover
Another day, another dive. Here is Tracey leading the way:
Tracey Lee and dive buddies - Tracey leads the way
Fun in the sun, warm silky water, and a little vino are all it takes to make this mob happy. It’s Tracey, Eunie, Trevor, Karen, Mike, and Carol:
Tracey, Eunie, Trevor, Karen, Mike, and Carol
The “Floating Bar” is a nice touch.

Tracey is handy with a camera, so I asked her to take some shots of me. She got it right on this one:

MadDog by Tracey Lee

I like to Photoshop myself to disguise my age. Here the Poster Edges filter makes it difficult to see that I am actually the “Thousand Year-Old Man”.

I am going to miss Tracey. She is a reliable and steady-headed dive buddy, a friend that one can count on, and invaluable at a party.

Auf Wiedersehen, mein Schatz. At least until the next time.

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