Stop That Praying!

Posted in Mixed Nuts on March 25th, 2009 by MadDog
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I hadn’t hopped over to Lower Ramu Bible Translation Ministry for a few days.  Look what I missed!

You’re a guy looking for a wife and your sister is looking for a husband (possibly desperately)? We have the answer to your problem – Sister Exchange!  (No, dudes, you can’t use this to trade your pesky sister for a nicer one.)

Those Tarzan movies show fantastic communication by drum signals. Is it true? How does it work?

And, my favourite, the hideously self-righteous and notoriously pushy European Union wants Papua New Guineans to STOP PRAYING, at least when the EU is listening. Whether you are a believer or not, you’ll laugh out loud at the irony in this article.

If you are wondering about the strange missionary from the Lower Ramu River, here’s a shot of him cleaning the bottom of his 30 foot sail boat, Stap Isi, on which he, his wife Kathy, and the ship’s cat, Dory, sailed all the way from Moline, Illinois, down the Mississippi River, and across the Pacific Ocean   to get back to work:

Kyle Harris - my boss's boss

Now that’s a commute!

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Blue Mountain Majesty

Posted in Photography Tricks on March 25th, 2009 by MadDog
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When I leave my house in the morning I can see the Finisterre Mountains as I come in on the Airport Road. That is usually where I decide if I am later going to turn on Coronation Drive to grab some images. If the mountains look crisp and blue, then I’m going to have a fifteen minute detour on the way to work.

If you look carefully at these images (and you know what you’re looking for), you’ll see evidence of heavy-duty, industrial strength Photoshopping. These are not so much photographs as interpretations of photographs. In each shot, I was listening for a voice. When I heard it, I amplified it with Photoshop filters and adjustments until I could hear the voice clearly.

Machinegun Point is one of my favourite shooting spots. I’ve never gotten an uninteresting image here. Every day it’s different:

Machinegun Point with the Finisterre Mountains in the distance

Further along I caught this group of early morning gawkers enjoying the view across Astrolabe Bay:

Early morning outing to see the Finisterre Mountains across Astrolabe Bay

Shooting more toward East, I caught this pedestrian looking back over his shoulder at the insipid sunrise:

Pedestrian admiring the sunrise across Astrolabe Bay

Up by the Coastwatchers Monument, two canoes drift on the calm waters of Astrolabe Bay:

Early morning canoes on Astrolabe as seen near the Coastwatchers Monument

Looking back over my shoulder at the mountains again, I decided to pull into the Coastwatchers Hotel and walk up to the restaurant for a better angle:

The Finisterre Mountains as seen from Coastwatchers Hotel

I particularly like the way the vegetation turned out in this image. I decided, after a few experiments, to abandon realism altogether and go for a lush look. If you click to enlarge and look at the vegetation, you’ll see what I mean.

My little excursion this morning and the few minutes that I spent massaging the images set me up for the day and put me in a good mood.  When I’m bored or depressed (Eunie is in Port Moresby for a Chamber of Commerce meeting), a little Photoshop break cheers me up.

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