Astounding Port Moresby Sky

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Eunie came back from Port Moresby yesterday morning with a present for me from Rich Jones. It’s nice to have friends who know what you like. This, I like:Astounding sky shot by Rich JonesI’ve seen some good sky shots and I’ve taken a few myself, but I’d have to put this in the top ten. Rich, you know your way around a camera.

Rich referred to J. M. W. Turner as the ‘look’. I agree. To prove it, here’s a Turner:
A painting by J. M. W. TurnerEnough said.

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2 Responses to “Astounding Port Moresby Sky”

  1. Tavurvur Says:


    Gotta say – that is a TOP sky shot. One could stare at it all day!!


  2. MadDog Says:

    Yeah, man – I only wish that *I* had captured it. Young Rich Jones is handy with a camera. He’s sent me many great images.