A Little Garden Magic

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My garden was a pleasant place this morning. the light was subdued. This pumpkin flower, as big as my hand, stood out as brightly as the sun:

Pumpkin Flower

It rained just before dawn – not unusual this time of year – and this reproductive gear of a hibiscus flower was dripping wet:

Hibiscus reproductive gear
I have a compulsion to take photos of water droplets. On this Pandanus leaf, you can see the reflection of my camera in the larger drops on the left:

Water Drops on Pandanus leaf

These checker board winged flies are crazy about these yellow flowers:

Checkerboard wing flies on a yellow flower

Flies and bees are always interesting subjects – if you can get them to hold still.

A daisy bud just broke open this morning. It looks strangely like something fancy that you might find on your plate in a very expensive restaurant. In the unfocused background, you can see how the blossom will look when it unfurls:

Daisy bud

Other gardens entice me. Nevertheless, though my garden is so small, I’m always amazed that every day that I explore it I find something new.

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6 Responses to “A Little Garden Magic”

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  3. pvaldes Says:

    mmmh… It’s raining in Spain, we have a gray sky and a lot of water droplets also now. Well, I’m thinking about your curious Daisy, A Zinnia probably

    fantastic blog

  4. MadDog Says:

    pvaldes, Zinnia seems right to me. I remember them from my childhood in North America. Thanks for the ID. Jump in any time. I have several friends now who are helping with the IDs.

  5. The Trophy Wife Says:


    I am looking for pictures of beautiful plants to make into wall collages for my kid’s rooms. My daughter was born in June, so she is my daisy. My son was born in March, so he’s my four leaf clover. And my youngest daughter was born in October, so she is my pumpkin flower. I found your picture of the pumpkin flower and I wanted to ask your permission to use it for my personal use. I think it is so beautiful and perfect for my project.

    Thank you!

  6. MadDog Says:

    Sure, Trophy Wife. You can use any of my images for personal use. It’s hardly appropriate to give accreditation to me in a collage, so forget that. I am happy for readers to use my images for their enjoyment.