Tsutomu Yamaguchi – Luckiest Man on the Planet?

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As usual, I’m a few months behind the major news stories; forget about human interest pieces. Kyle Harris, of LRBTM* sent me an email as a ‘possible blog post’ about a Japanese man who survived both  the A-Bomb at Hiroshima and  the A-Bomb at Nagasaki.  Here is a photo of him that I ripped from the web:

Tsutomu Yamaguchi - the Luckiest Man on the Planet?

At the venerable age of 93, he is the only known survivor of both bombs. I wonder if he had a severe case of Munchkin Dreams  during the Cold War? Though he suffered no major injury from America’s attempt to blast him to smithereens twice — a guy could start to take that personally after a while — he now complains, sixty-three years later, that he is “a little deaf in one ear” and his “legs are getting weak.”

I should be so lucky!  Here is a nice article about him from The Guardian.

* Lower Ramu Bible Translation Ministry

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