Kar Kar Island Quickly – Time Lapse Video

Posted in Photography Tricks on April 6th, 2009 by MadDog
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This is just a quickie post to show you something that I’ve been fiddling with. My Canon G-9 will do time lapse videos at either 1 or 2 seconds per frame. This makes for some interesting clips if you have a tripod (or if you’re holding the camera while dead, I suppose).

I shot this clip this morning in front of my house:

You can see Kar Kar Island  in the distance over the top of the trees on Kerosene Island.  Next time I do this I’m going to get up on top of my house. It will make a much more interesting shot.

This reminds me a bit of the Helmet Psychedelia clip in my The Lowman Loop – Boise, Idaho – A Motorcycle Ride to Heaven post.

Just because I have your eyes under my control for a moment, I’ll show it to you:

There . . . Now, don’t you feel like your head is all cleaned out inside?

It’s definitely not time lapse. It’s more like, “Whoa, time slow down a little, please!” I got very dizzy shooting the clip and nearly fell off. I’ll hopefully be back in Boise this summer for a few days visiting my friend and her kids, riding horses and motorcycles, and generally acting goofy, as is my wont.

Speaking of the Canon G-9, mine is a little the worse for wear after some jerk stole it from me. I did get it back, but either the jerk dropped it while running from the cop who was chasing him (really!), or the cop dropped it as he was undoubtedly (I sincerely hope), giving the thief a thorough trashing. It still works fine on land, but when I put it in my underwater housing, it locks up at about five metres. I can still take shots, but I can’t work any of the controls.

I have a new Canon G-10 and a new housing back in the USA waiting for me. If you are in the market for a top-notch point-and-shoot, you can’t do any better than the G-10 for about US$400. I’ve taken over 10,000 exposures on my G-9, it’s taken a severe beating (rained on, dropped, bashed around on the boat, fell off a horse with me, etc.) and it still works!

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The Titles – PNG Game Fishing Association 2009 – Day Two

Posted in At Sea on April 6th, 2009 by MadDog
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Some readers will tire quickly seeing fishing stories every day. I’ll try to even it up with a little variety.

How’s this?

Oh! My toe!
Possible captions are:  “Oh!, My Toe!”, “Don’t stand too close to the Mackerel.”, “Careful there, sometimes Mackerel feign death.” (In case you are wondering, that is not  my toe in the image. I enticed a child to play the dummy. He absolutely refused to stick his toe into the mouth of the Mackerel. Smart kid.)

Here’s a little gallery of shots that I got yesterday evening on Day Two of the Papua New Guinea Game Fishing Association 2009 Titles:

As twilight slipped over the happy crowd, I got this nice image of one of the game fishing boats:

Twilight at the PNG Game Fishing Association 2009 National Titles Day Two

There was at least one National Record on day two. A rather large Yellowfin Tuna was landed on 4 kilogram line. As you may have noticed, I know virtually nothing about game fishing. I used to do a lot of fly fishing when I lived in the USA, but spending the entire day out on the sea in a small boat in the blazing sun waiting for a fish to grace me with the sacrifice of its life just doesn’t do it for me.

Though I’m indifferent to the details of this hobby, I very much enjoy hanging around fisherfolk. I guess you could call me a game fishing groupie. Anyway, I’m enjoying going down to the Madang Club each evening to see who got lucky.

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