Oh My. The Sky!

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There being no fish yesterday evening at the weigh-in of the GFAPNG 2009 Titles worth taking a photo of, I’m free as a bird to write about whatever I please.

Today, the sky pleases me. We’ll start with a pleasing error. A few mornings ago I was in my front yard taking a long exposure of the sunrise at about 05:30. If memory serves, it was about a ten second exposure. This is all well and good, except that I did not notice until after I clicked the shutter release that one of the game fishing boats was traversing my personal viewing area. The audacity! Anyway, you can see three or four streaks of light left on the exposure as the boat whizzed across the frame. You might have to click to enlarge:A fishing boat leaves a streak on a long exposure sunrise shot

I call the next one Orange Soda Sky.  The reason seems  obvious. Assumptions can deceive. Yes, it is  orange. However, what you don’t know is that I hate breakfast. Nevertheless, I need sugar to fuel my decrepit old body enough to carry it along until mid-morning. So, by filthy habit, I have a Fanta Orange Soda every morning for breakfast along with the handful of vitamins, minerals, an asprin, and Lord knows what else that Eunie gives me.

Orange Soda Sunrise

Green is my favourite colour, but orange gives me a buzz also. I’ve shown you orange soda sky, rainy orange sky, orange horizon sky, an orange lily. orange fish, orange vegetables, and a strange orange lichen on my coconut trees. I suppose you’ve had your fill of orange for a while.

Oh, sorry . . . one more:

Orange rays at sunrise in Madang

I’ll give you a break from orange now. This is more the Yellow-Orange that you’d find in a box of Crayola crayons.

A ship making way toward Madang Harbour at sunrise

Lucky shot – that’s what I call it. I snapped it on the way to work one morning. The ship is on its way to the main wharf in Madang Harbour.

I got this one at the Madang Club a couple of evenings ago while I was waiting for the game fishing boats to return:

Sunset Rays as seen from The Madang Club

Hmmm . . . I seem to have run out of words. It’s your lucky day.

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One Response to “Oh My. The Sky!”

  1. weast Says:


    I like the last pic best, how the sun finds a break in the clouds to still come through. like it is saying “you cant keep me out”