Two Ravens

Posted in My Garden on April 13th, 2009 by MadDog
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Two Ravens . . .     One sits on a coconut frond. The other flies around the tree. It’s a simple image, just the kind I like.

Two Ravens

Most of my images contain more information than I prefer. Art, whether I’m writing or presenting images, speaks to me about freedom. I’m free to present whatever amuses me or whatever I wish to say. The reader is free to ignore it, interpret it, comment upon it, or copy it and change it into something else. (Have a look at the Creative Commons copyright notice in the footer.) The Two Ravens  shot, in a sense, transcends the subject of ravens and coconut trees. What would happen if I showed the image to one hundred people and said, “Tell me a little story about what you see.” Of course, I would probably get about one hundred different answers. Some of them would be mundane. Some would be revealing. Some would be transcendental.

This is what makes Two Ravens  more interesting to me rather than, for instance, the next image – a spider eating a bee:

Spider eating a bee

I suppose that it is probably amusing to nearly anyone except the bee, but it is not the same kind of image as Two Ravens.

Well, what about a grasshopper:

Same thing. Oh sure, it’s pretty, I suppose. But, it’s too specific. The story is too obvious. It is an image of a grasshopper on a budding flower. That’s about all you can say about it. It requires no interpretation.  Therefore, it is less interesting.

One could say the same thing about the bee hovering at the heart of a hibiscus flower, its hind legs fat with pollen:

Bee on a Hibiscus flower

Once you have described what is in the image, the story is over. There is no mystery, no enigma, no gestalt.  Just a bee and a flower. The bits and pieces don’t add up to more than their sum.

I’m a compulsive image maker. One might say that I am an Image-O-Matic. Something catches my eye – out pops the camera. What you don’t see, patient reader, are the thousands of images that are pure visual drivel.

I save those for when I have time to make them more interesting.

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