Mountains on Mountains

Posted in Mixed Nuts on April 29th, 2009 by MadDog
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If you’re seeing this it may be because I’m On The Road. I’ve prepared a few posts to be automatically published unless I intercept them and substitute a travel post.

When I leave my house each morning, I pass through a gate at the edge of our compound and this is what I see:

Rock mountains over wood chip mountainsThere is a large wood-chipping factory just outside the gate. The reddish stuff is tens of thousands of plantation-grown eucalyptus trees all chopped up into little chips about the size of a playing card. Once every few months a giant ship comes in and hauls them away. The blue mountains in the distance are the Finisterre Mountains. Here is another shot that I grabbed just outside of our gate:
The Finisterre Mountains in the distance behind wood chips at JANTOn the way into town, I happened past just as this pretty scene was unfolding:

A ship in the morning sun on Astrolabe Bay
It is a ship way out on Astrolabe Bay. The big Casuarina tree in the foreground makes a nice contrast. I have some other amusing shots of the mountains and the bay here.

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