Zoom! The Olympus SP-590

Posted in Photography Tricks on May 3rd, 2009 by MadDog
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I’m completely wasted by jet lag, but I have to show you a teensy sample of what you can do with a 26x optical zoom. Then I’m going to the hot tub to unfreeze myself and go to bed.

Here’s a stupifyingly uninteresting shot through the car window on the way from Buffalo to Hamilton:

My new Olympus unzoomed

Hmmm. . . maybe a red car in the distance?

At the same distance, here is the car at 26x zoom (at the same number of pixels!):

The Olympus at 26x zoomYes, that’s right. You can read the license plate.  No, I did not fiddle with the images. They are exactly as they came from the camera.

More zoom fun to come.