Why Ron and Eunie Were Nervous

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Cute little short posts aren’t my style, but I must show you this shot taken yesterday by our friend Ron Barrons while we were out waterfall hunting. Ron and Eunie remarked to me (more like a complaint) that they wished that I’d stay on the paths. I didn’t know why they were so concerned until I saw this:MadDog on the Edge! - Photo by Ron BarronsI’m standing a half metre from a fifty metre drop striaght down. I was being careful, because I’m not a complete idiot. Also it didn’t seem nearly as scary to me as it did to Ron and Eunie. I did remind myself several times that if my tripod and camera went tumbling over the edge, it would not be wise to grab for it.

At one point I heard Ron remarking rather too loudly that some kid had been snatched up out of the bottom after he jumped to catch a frisbee. I though to myself, “Hey, I’m not that stupid.”

Or am I?

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5 Responses to “Why Ron and Eunie Were Nervous”

  1. Ali Says:

    OK I can see why they were concerned….That last step is a doooozy!
    and I feel sick just looking at it.
    Dave and I both like the road less travelled, but my scaredy-cat alarm goes off alot earlier than it did back when I was invincible!
    BIG heights do me in. My virtigo is overwhelming and I have been know to freeze in the most inapropriate spots…
    He, on the other hand has no fear of heights AT ALL- (surprise surprise) and will go to the toe nail edge of the ledge for a better look, while I am gasping and fainting away in the background!

  2. MadDog Says:

    Ali, I can’t say that I am immune to heights. Put me in a helicopter, I can hang out the door and go “whoopee”. I can and have jumped out of an airplane with a parachute and hope that you and Dave are going to instruct me in the insane art soon.

    However, if you put me at the top of a four metre ladder I am in immediate danger of freezing. I’m not fond of roofs either. It’s weird.

  3. Ali Says:

    Forgive me if I leave all the skydiving to you and Dave OK? I am an earthling these days and will gleefully watch you both from my favorite deck chair…which is nailed safely to my favorite deck!
    I had a revelation some years ago now about my skydiving career Jan and I realised that my fear was exceeding my joy for some reason? Strangely enough, after carefully monitoring this fear over my last few jumps I realised where the problem lay. I knew that it had nothing to do with my cronic virtigo, as contrary to most beleifs, virtigo is not relative to skydiving at all.
    The problem for me ,was the preparation, the wait, the gearing up and the walk to the plane, not the jump! Once I identified it, I tried to deal with it but it got worse so I saw no reason to continue to put myself thru such distress. I don’t regret one single skydive and I never hurt myself doing it. It was just that damned AN-TIC-I-PAT-ION that got me again.
    I am happy on the ground these days but totally understand the addiction.

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  5. Curtis Jones Says:

    Hi there. I worked and itinerantly lived during my breaks in PNG (was at Porgera) – made as much use as I could of the companies charter flights to see as much of PNG as possible. Madang, I have always thought and always will, is the most beautiful place on the planet to fly into. And it just gets better when you get off the plane. I started and finished plenty of adventures from this lovely place. You’re in one of the worlds best places mate.