Salvatore’s in Buffalo – Italian Surreal

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It’s late and I’m completely wasted, but I can’t go to sleep until I show you this place where we are staying tonight. Eunie’s a genius at finding interesting places to crash. It’s Salvatore’s Garden Place Hotel in Buffalo, New York. You’ve heard of the Itialian Renaissance? Well, this is the Italian Sopranos:

Salvatore's Garden Place Hotel - Buffalo NYHonestly, it’s fantastic. It is so absolutely over-the-top, that it fascinates. Everywhere you look there is something amazing:

Salvatore's Garden Place Hotel - Buffalo NYThe reception area has one of the most incredibly gauche chandeliers that I have ever seen:

Salvatore's Garden Place Hotel - Buffalo NY
It was all designed by the owner, a wonderfully daffy Italian who certainly knew what he wanted. He also owns a restaurant down the street which is likewise called Salvatore’s. I only wish that I’d remembered to take my camera. It makes the hotel look like broom closet. I had the best meal there that I’ve ever eaten outside of Europe.

Everywhere there are statues. Some are colourful:

Salvatore's Garden Place Hotel - Buffalo NYOthers, which I’d love to show you, are life-sized full figured busty bronze nude females that made my eyes pop. Sorry, this is (sort of) a family site.

Here is a shot through another Italianesque lounge area:

Salvatore's Garden Place Hotel - Buffalo NYSincerely, if you are ever in Buffalo (my sympathy to you), you must stay at Mr. Salvatore’s slendid palace of excess and eat at his excellent and delightfully gaudy restaurant. By the way, the service in the restaurant was every bit as excellent as the food and the live crooner was a practiced blend of Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Junior, Dean Martin, and a few others. Mellow as a nice, stinky Asiago cheese.

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Too Many Tulips – Goodbye to Hamilton

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Eunie is packing up for our road trip to Buffalo where we’ll stay overnight and rise early for our flight to Chicago, from where we will take the Amtrack to Springfield (NOT the one that is the home of the Simpsons, but it might as well be).

Please notice that I said that Eunie is packing. I’ve learned from bitter experience  that packing is woman’s work. (You lovely, sweet feminists out there, I beg your mercy. I love you. Women are MUCH more equal than I. I bow in humble respect to you and kiss your precious feet.) I only pack if I’m going somewhere by myself and I’d feel ashamed to ask my wife to pack for me (though I’d be infinitely more likely to have everything I need). A man who is wise enough (I’m old; I know stuff.) to allow his woman to pack reserves for himself the privilege to think of, but never mention, those item which have been inadvertently left behind.

So, I’m taking a few minutes to post some images that I snatched from the Ontario Royal Botanical Gardens. These are only a few. I’ll bore you senseless later with others of my choosing. There’s nothing sadder than an old man chaining you to a chair to show you his flower pictures.

About the only botanicals that were in abundance this time of year were lilacs and tulips. Lilacs get up my nose. I do like tulips, but the rank Dutchiness of the Hamilton area guarantees that you’ll come away in the spring moaning, “Erp!, Too Many Tulips!” to the accompaniment of a soft belch.

Nevertheless, let us press on with simulated bravado. Somebody has to look at these things and it might as well be us:

Too many tulips - Hamilton, Ontario - Jan MessersmithThe trees splitting the scene above is a nice compositional touch. If I had any artistic talent, that’s the way I’d paint it.

This is my favourite shot of the day. A long zoom lens can give you the eyes of an eagle:

Too many tulips - Hamilton, Ontario I was about ten metres from the tulips. The backgound was about a hundred metres away. I really wanted to clear out the little spindly bits in front of the tulips, but I was afraid that I’d get caught by one of the highly dedicated groundskeepers scurring about in their tiny little pickup trucks.

I call this one a ‘calendar shot’. I’m not knocking calendar images. We have to have something to cover up those rusty refrigerator doors. I’m going to have to start doing calendars myself soon, if I’m going to help Eunie keep food on the table. Most of our supporting churches think we’re too old to work any more. Their less-than-polite way of telling us so is to cut off our pay. I say that we’re just getting rolling!

Too many tulips - Hamilton, OntarioHere’s another calendar shot that I hope will soon be earning its keep:Too many tulips - Hamilton, OntarioAnd this . . . THIS!  Is what I mean when I say, “Too Many TULIPS!”

Too many tulips - Hamilton, OntarioAnd so, my friends and those I’ve never met but wish I could, after a couple of Rickard’s Reds over lunch, I’m feeling better than yesterday. I’m once again resigned and full of humility and gratitude to receive with as much humour as I can manage whatever is placed before me in however much time that I have left.

Life is a stone gas, man!

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