Another Nerdy Post – PhotoSynth Revisited.

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I’m going unload another test on you. I discovered, to my horror,  that all of the nifty zoomy images that I’ve done with Microsoft PhotoZoom, which died, and DeepZoom, which took over the stinking corpse of Photozoom and resurrected it in a glorious new body, will die yet again on 31 December. Phooey! That’s the reward you get for helping these clowns develop their software – they dump you and say, “Uuuuh, sorry dude. Yer stuff’s gonna go poof!”

Anyway, I’m trying to figure out if I can fake PhotoSynth into thinking that it’s Photozoom. The details are boring, so maybe you should just skip to the test image. PhotoSynth insists that you load at least three images. That’s because of its fantastic ability to make multiple images do a mutual Vulcan Mind Meld and glom themselves into one zoomable, panable montage. Fantastic!

So, what I did was load the same image under three different file names. It didn’t complain and I seem to have the same results as if I’d done it with the soon to be demised DeepZoom.

Anyway, here’s my first try at faking out Photosynth:

How do you like it? The photo itself is pitiful. I just walked out in the street in front of my Brother-in-law’s house and shot.

UPDATE:   I got bored waiting for the DHL guy to show up so I went out on the freezing patio and shot 23 exposures to show you how nicely PhotoSynth is working. I can’t wait to do it for a “Walk in the Woods”.

Here’s the patio scene:

Cool, eh?

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