Patterns of the Sea

Posted in Under the Sea on May 31st, 2009 by MadDog
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I like to fancy myself as a visual aritst. We all like to dream, don’t we? As I sit here in Chatham, Illinois I’m dreaming of home and the fantastic patterns of the sea. So, to soothe my homesickness, I’ve been rumaging through my thousands of underwater images for a few that I’ve not yet properly digested (in other words, I’ve not bashed them into submission with Photoshop).

I’ll now unload a few of them on you to see if I can get you dreaming of the sea.

This is commonly called Brain Coral. I don’t particularly enjoy calling it that, but I don’t have my references here and I’m too bone lazy to research the proper taxonomic names over the internet. A book is much easier:

Coral Pattern
I very much like the pattern and colours in this image, again of coral. I use an image similar to this as a screen saver. Grab it and use it if you like:

Coral Pattern

I have another post specifically about ocean patterns here. You might enjoy it. This image is of what is commonly called Solitary Coral, or, if you please, Mushroom Coral:

Coral Pattern

I don’t remember even the common name for this coral, but I like it nevertheless. Another nice Windows backgound or screen saver:

Coral PatternThe image above reminds me more of flowers than coral.

Here is another completely different sort of coral:

Coral PatternI’m not sure what to say about this one. It appears a bit intestinal, eh?

Coral PatternMany corals are brightly coloured. Here I see flowers again:

Coral Pattern

Now I’ll leave you with a puzzle. I cannot figure out what this is. It is growing on a branch of Balck Coral. It measures only about 2cm. Anybody out there have an idea?

What IS it?
Tomorrow is a final family day and then we are off to Sedona, Arizona to visit an old friend. I’ll also be getting my ‘dream tattoo‘.

I don’t mind the pain. You have to earn your tattoos. It will be my final tattoo, however, so I want it to be a genuine work of art. Wish me luck.

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