The Grand Canyon – A Photographer’s Nightmare

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I never had much interest in visiting the Grand Canyon. If it hadn’t been for the chance visit to North America and a side-trip with Eunie to visit our long-time friend Grace, I’d never have seen it. “A big ditch.” That was pretty much my sentiment.

That was until I got out of the car and walked up to the edge. I’m a man of no small experience. I’ve been a lot of places and seen a lot of things. But, I’ve never, ever seen anything  like that!

It is stupendous, colossal, humongous; man, I mean it is really BIG! It is so big that I now realise that I’ve never in my life seen a photograph that even hints at its mind-numbing, heart-pounding largeness. It’s large, man, really LARGE!

So . . . It’s late, and I have to get up early to go to The Big Apple (am I allowed to call it that?). Nevertheless, I have to show you one image that I felt was worthy to show a teensy-weensy, itsy-bitsy, eenie, weenie smidgen of the grandeur of The Grand Canyon:

To The Grand Canyon - with my humble apologies

I feel privileged to have been allowed to take its picture.

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One Response to “The Grand Canyon – A Photographer’s Nightmare”

  1. Tris Says:

    Mate, you captured my experience perfectly. I had always thought… Grand Canyon? Meh… And then I stood on the edge and my jaw hit my boots. Phenomenal. I couldn’t believe how awed I was by it. Not sure about photographer’s nightmare… But it’s scale is vast, so I agree it’s tricky to capture. Last time I went I had a crappy little Minolta APS film POS. Have to go back with my 5D next time. Glad the place touched you.