More Sunrises – Are you Getting Tired Yet?

Posted in Mixed Nuts on June 27th, 2009 by MadDog
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This makes two days in a row on sunrises, but these two are worth taking the risk of boring you. As I was driving in this morning wondering what I was going to write about had how I was going to figure out how to do it before I have to go back home and get the boat ready to pick up my Saturday divers, I came around the long way to see what the sunrise was doing. From my house it didn’t look very promising.

I got a pleasant surprise as I approached the Coastwatchers Monument:

The Coastwatchers Monument and the Rising SunI could see that it had promise, but I was too close to the shore. I pulled around the end of the golf course and parked in front of Trevor Hattersley’s house just in time – two minutes later would have been too late. You can see the monument on the left and the sun just coming up over the horizon on the right.

Then I noticed people walking along Coronation Drive. I wondered if I might get phenomenally lucky.

Early morning walker on Coronation Drive new the Coastwatchers Monument

As it turned out, I did. I caught a guy just as he was passing in front of the disk of the rising sun. You can’t really plan this kind of shot.

It’s a gift.

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