Aimless Idyl Fun at Blueblood

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We’ve been going up to Blueblood nearly every Sunday since we returned from North America. It’s a regular part of our lives, so it feels good to get back on the beach with friends. Last Sunday morning, the sky promised a beautiful day:
Sunrise on Sunday morning - off to Blueblood at noon.

You can see the coconut tree, or what’s left of it, that was struck by lightning about a year ago and died. While I was away, the rotting tree broke off in a storm and fell on the sun deck of Faded Glory, breaking the railing and bending the edge of the deck down. While unfortunate, and difficult to repair, it could have been a lot worse. If the tree had fallen on the middle of the boat, the canopy and console would have been smashed beyond repair.

Here are a few of our mob in the water. Laura and Eunie are coaxing Mike Cassell to come out and join the party:
Laura and Eunie coax Mike Cassell to come and join the party

I got the shot above with the new Olympus super zoom SP-590UZ. It sure feels good to get long zoom shots like this one without having to fiddle with changing lenses, not to mention carrying all that gear around.

Here’s Mike coming out to join the group at the floating bar (a kid’s toy appropriated for the job at hand):
Mike Casselll joins the big pool party
Meanwhile, Kean has found some starfish:
Keyan finds a couple of starfish
Kids need to be supervised at the beach, because there are dangerous critters nearby.

Up in the little beach house, preparing for a game of Pétanque, everything is copacetic:Everything is cosy in the little beach house at Blueblood

We’re very fortunate to have friends with a beach house. It’s very difficult to find ground near Madang for such activities. In decades past many expatriates rented small plots of beach to build weekend houses. Now the practice is dying out because of land pressure and security problems.

We’ll enjoy it while it lasts.

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3 Responses to “Aimless Idyl Fun at Blueblood”

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  2. Steve H Says:

    Your kids were correct. That vine is in bud. They are Hoya flower buds that open out into star shaped flowers. The internal parts of the flower are fused together unlike most plants flowers so could look like seeds. Have a look at Hoya flowers in a google search and see if you agree.


  3. MadDog Says:

    Hmmm . . . Wrong post? I don’t see the reference.