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Posted in Mixed Nuts on July 8th, 2009 by MadDog
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Yesterday afternoon the Finisterre Mountains seemed moody and hulking under a very busy sky as seen from Tab Anchorage:
Panorama of the Finisterre Mountain Range from Tab Anchorage

We surely spend more time in this calm body of water inside the barrier reef than anywhere else.

Today seems a good as any day to catch up with some escaped images. As I go back through shots that I’ve taken recently, I often find ones that seem to deserve a second look. I listen more carefully. I try to find a message, or at least an interesting mumbling.

This shot reminded me of the absurd number of defunct sailboards that are floating around Madang. Countless expatriates have brought them in at great expense and then left them stranded. Hardly anyone here actually sails them, so they eventually loose their sails and become giant floatie toys:

Old sailboards never die

I have a very nice Mares sailboard under my house. I bought it for practically nothing, went out on it a few times, and finally decided that I wasn’t going to get good enough at it to make it worthwhile. I lent it to a friend who kept it until he left. I then went searching for it and found it abandoned near a warehouse with the sail thoroughly rotted. So, now it rests under my house waiting for someone to play with it.

At Blueblood last Sunday, Trevor Hattersley came to me with some interesting ‘flowers’ that the kids had found on a vine. Me being me, I instantly took a picture. Then I began to examine them:

Strange flowers?

Hey, these are not flowers. I’d like to see the flowers, but we were obviously too late. These are little seed pods:
Seed pods
I broke one open. There is a seed at each point of the ‘flower’ petal. I should have taken a shot of the seeds. Ah, well . . .

Here is another shot that I got on Saturday of the same bulb anemone that youv’e seen before:

Bulb anemone at the Eel Garden

I’m experimenting still with the new Canon G10 and it’s interesting to see how lighting changes from dive to dive affect the finished shots.

Here is another shot from last Saturday. These are a kind of sea squirt called Didemnum molle:Sea squirt - Didemnum molle
They are very squishy and delicate. The size ranges from your pinky fingernail to the size of your fist. They feed by pumping water through the pores in the mantle out through the opening on top. I always imagine that they look like a little village on an alien planet.

Like any village anywhere there are always a couple of weirdos who paint their houses the wrong colours. Fortunately, in this village, it doesn’t hurt the neighbours’ property values.

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