Healers or Killers – You Decide

Posted in Opinions on July 10th, 2009 by MadDog
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Every time I go to the market in Madang I’m incensed by the peddlers of quack “medicines” that lurk in wait for ignorant people to buy their poison. Yeah, sure, I know most of what they sell isn’t really poison, but if it kills people, what’s the difference?

Click on the image to see the list of miracle cures this man’s product will deliver:

Killer or healer?The ones that inflame me most are TB, Malaria, and “sexual transmited disease” [sic], which, presumably includes HIV/AIDS. Now, if you think that this guy can cure these things with his potions, then move along, there’s nothing to see here.

However, if you, like me believe that he has probably killed people (for profit; unwittingly or not) by keeping them from proper medical care (as if such a thing exists in Madang), then shouldn’t we be calling the cops? I’ve harassed these quacks many times, until I’m a little worried about retribution. Today, however, I caught a guy selling what were obviously prescription drugs from unmarked plastic bags. He did not know what they were. “Good medicine” was all I could get out of him. He would not say where he got them, but I’d bet he has a buddy at the Madang General Hospital. I told him that he had better move on, because I was coming back to take his picture and give it to the cops.

I wish I had someone to stand with me against these people, because some of them just might be dangerous. Nevertheless, I’m fairly dangerous myself, so if I don’t get any help, you’re still going to be seeing more pictures of them.

Okay, enough of that. How about some aubergine?  The lowly eggplant is indigestible for me. That’s not entirely true. I’m not sure that any has actually hit my stomach yet, since I can’t choke it down. Nevertheless, these non-tasty purple billy clubs caught my eye this morning:

Aubergine at the market

Or maybe a bit more colour is in order. I like this shot of the bright yarn with the seller’s shadow falling across it:

Market yarn

By the way, I bought some  corn.

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