Water, Water, More Water

Posted in Mixed Nuts on July 11th, 2009 by MadDog
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Today it’s all about water. What’s new?  I spend more time writing about water than anything else. Okay, not just water. Sometimes there are fish too, or sun, or people. Still, I’m surrounded by water. Write about what you know, eh?

I’m always entranced when I come home in the afternoon and Madang Town is all lit up by the “winelight” of the afternoon sun. I know that winelight is not a word, but it should be:

Madang - a Winelight Panorama

It that a pretty sight or what. How would you like live across from that?  I’m so fortunate that I feel ridiculous. Why isn’t somebody more important or at least smarter than me getting all this? I live like a rich person here for peanuts. I don’t deserve it.

Here’s another example. I got this a week or so ago. It’s almost enough to inspire me to get up and go to work:

Sunrise Panorama


This one is a little strange.I kept running across this image as I rummaged around for something interesting. It looks horrible on a white background, but put it on black and it shines a little:

Pilot boat in Astrolabe Bay at sunrise

It’s the pilot boat out in the light of the sunrise on Astrolabe Bay. It’s waiting for a big cargo ship to come in.

Here is a shot out my front door:

Out my front door

My willow tree is finally taking off. I don’t know where it came from. One day it was just stuck in the ground. I think Juli found it somewhere and liked it. I’d rather have put it elsewhere, but I’m getting attached to it now, so I think I’ll leave it alone. There was a giant willow tree in my back yard when I was a kid. We used to beat each other with willow ‘whips”. Stung like fire, but didn’t really do any harm.

Here’s another panorama. This is Kar Kar Island sticking up just to the left of the coconut tree.The jink in the shoreline looks a little odd. It’s there because the end of a small island is just behind the trunk of the tree:

Kar Kar Island panorama from my veranda

You can also see a leaf of one of the thirty or forty banana trees in our yard and a bit of the willow also.

Everywhere around me is beauty.

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